Deep Dark Journey of Life

                            We are all on the Journey of life, for some it is deep dark experience, for other’s, it is a shallow journey and well lit, we all start out on the same path, but the events that happen to us, determine what path we take, these events happen for a reason, we tend to ignore these events and at the crossroad, we take a wrong turn, which makes our journey that much darker and deeper.

                             With each Journey, we are always exploring the unknown, whether it’s in life, or whether we are on vacation and exploring, a new place. In Life we may encounter many bumps and crossroads, but as we explore, we need to look beyond the crossroad, to see which way to turn next, sometimes we get caught up in the now, then just turn because everybody else went that way, but that way may not be the best way for ourself. alot of times we let these events control us, instead of us being in control, when we do this we make the wrong turn, then our Journey becomes so dark, we can’t see where we are going and end up making bad decisions.

                             We are all on this Journey called Life, this journey is hard enough without these events, but these events happen for a reason and that is to test us, to see how strong we really are, to see how we handle making decisions, to see our ability in sense of direction, to see how we react to different enviroments, to see how we handle dealing with other’s, when we let these events control us, then our Journey will be that of, a deep dark journey, that is full of crossroads, that could of been avoided, if we took control of the events when they first happened.

                            While the Journey is so dark and we lose sight of where we are going, we need to reach out for help, to guide us back on track, this is easier said then done, as it’s Human nature not to reach out, as it shows weakness and we don’t want other’s to see our weakness, so we then start to hide in plain sight, avoiding the truth and the situation that got us there, it becomes easier to hide ourselves and our true feelings and emotions, then show our weakness, we suppress everything not to only protect ourselves, but to also build this imaginary wall and fake sense of strength, Life is hard enough without adding to it on our own, we just need to learn to reach out, showing our true strength and our true selves.


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