What Sports bring to our Society

                            Most people watch sports, not cause they root for their favorite team, they watch sports, because they bet on a team, in order to try to make money, they put their money on teams who pay big money for a player, to try to bring a championship to their organization, so they to can make more money. These are all the wrong reasons to watch Sports, as this breeds hatred, not only toward each other, but to each team in Sports. When we watch a Sport for the wrong reason, we lose sight of what Sports really means to our Society.

                           Teams that are truly special, don’t go for the Individual stats, they bring their talent to the team, so the whole team can be successful. Look at the 2004 Boston Red Sox, they were not the most talented team, but each guy brought their talent, to the team, they pulled together as one, with the end result being the World Series. The other teams that paid a high price for all the talent, lacked the most important thing, that is “TEAMWORK”. It takes a whole team to win a championship, not one or two guys.

                             The 2011 and current team of the Boston Bruins, are also proving that good team work, can be more successful, then paying one or two guys big money, as in 2011 we all know what happened, when they faced the Vancouver Canucks, offensivly they were a better team, but the Bruins pulled all 20 guys together as a team and won the Stanley Cup. 2013 is still in the balence, but what they are doing and how they are playing, will be fun to watch, as they go for another championship.

                            Not just these two teams, if you go through the history of all sports, you will see the same trend.

                             Sports brings to Society, a lesson to us all, when we do it right, play hard, have determination, never have a quit mentality, always no matter how much pain, move forward with pride and dignity, unite as one and work together, we will overcome anything and everything that comes across our path. Sometimes in life, we need to go back to basics, forget all that has happened, fix our problems, so we can move forward, stronger and better, then we have ever been.

                            When we look at Sports for the right reasons and not lose sight of what those reasons are, then our lives will follow suit. Alot of our Societies problems, come from our perception of things around us, when we percieve wrong, then life will be out of balence, perception is a word we all over look, as we get caught up in the now, what one person percieves for himself, isn’t really what we all percieve and won’t work for everybody, in order to get back our balence in life, we need to change our perception.

                            The perception of a winning and successful team, is very different then a losing team, but the losing team try’s to do what the winning team does, to try to compete, when what they should be doing is change their perception of the team, so they can be successful on their terms. What is good for one, is not what’s good for the other, you have to learn whats good for you, then percieve that good into success.

                             The way the Bruins are playing right now, makes it fun for us die-hard fans to watch, their perception of each other on that team is, hardwork. They may not be the most talented, but what they do as a team, makes them very hard to beat. When each of these guys turn their weakness, to a team strength, they will overcome any team, that is brought forth to face them, this starts with the Coach and works on down, the perception of this team, alot of so called experts say is, they aren’t good enough to compete for a championship, but the perception of the this team in the locker room, is very different, which they don’t listen to the so called experts, they just bring it game in game out as a team, this is what keeps us in this Society in balence and is also what helps us overcome anything and everything that comes across our paths.

                               Perception in what ever you do, goes without saying, when you percieve things the right way and for you, there is nothing you can’t overcome.


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