Natural Disasters in our lives

                            May God Bless all those in Oklahoma, may he give them all the strength to rebuild their lives moving forward.

                            A natural diseaster like Tornados, are the most deadliest and unpredictible of all of them, these people of Moore, Oklahoma only had 16 min. to seek shelter, once the sirens sounded, just imagine people working an hour from home and at home you have a wife and a newborn baby? 16 min. is not alot of time, let alone the feeling of helplessness, you truly have to put your faith in God, to keep your loved ones safe.

                           When ever there is severe weather like thunderstorms on the radar, you literally have to keep an eye to the sky, watch the clouds constently, checking for any kind of a funnel cloud, as what looks like a funnel in one area, the other area is clear, a Tornado can strike in a instant, then disappear just as fast, once that Tornado touches ground, anything and everything in it’s way, gets sucked into it with such great force, it is either destroyed totally, or you may find part of it for miles and miles.

                            We in this Society have many things along our Journies of life that we fear, those that live within what is called “Tornado Alley”, have this extra fear to worry about, fear is one thing, but being afraid is another, these people of “tornado alley” fear these storms all the time, but from that they show their strength, by getting as ready as they can, so they can survive these storms, when you are afraid, you become weak and never ready yourself for the big event, because you are to busy living in the fear, it clouds your judgement, to which you end up making the bad choice.

                             With all the Technology we have today, all the scientists and weather scientists, we should be able to predict these Tornados much better? We should be able to fly above these severe storms, look down into them and see what makes them tick, we may never be able to control them, as only Mother Nature can do that, but atleast have a better understanding of when and how they strike, so there is alot more then 16 min. to react and seek shelter.

                             I understand it takes money to investigate these storms, i get that, but what I don’t get, is all the wasting of time and money from our Government on stupid stuff, that has no bearing on the safety of all the American people. Without the People of this great Country alive and working, paying their fair share of the taxes, we don’t have a Country in which to live. It starts at the top, to weed out all the bad crap, then focus on the good, to make this Country great once again.

                             Diseaster’s, Tradgedies, everything happens for a reason, we need to find what that reason is, to be stronger and better moving forward, God is unhappy with all the hatred and evil in this world, this is not what he envisioned when he created us and this planet, maybe? if we fix our own attitudes towards ourselves and other’s around us, then all these disasters and tradgedies will diminish from our lives? Just like when Noah built the ark, from the floods, or during moses and the Ten Commandments, when God took all the first born, everything happens for a reason, we need to find that reason, correct it and move forward stronger and better, so we all can live in peace, happiness and love. 


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