Through the Darkness, there is light

 Through the darkest of the dark, we can still find the light,

  through the darkness we are afraid of the unknown,

  the darkness seems so eery to which slows us down,

  the darkness brings many uncertain times as we move forward,

  as the darkness overwhelms us our instincts shows us the light,

 it is the darkest times that brings out our strength to show us the light,

 the dark to some may be scary but to other’s it shows strength,

 when the darkness comes we look to the moon to light our path,

 when we have a lighted path no darkness will be feared,

 even the darkest dark has some light to shine on our path,

 never doubt the darkness as positivity will be our shining light,

 we all need the dark in order to truly see the light and be strong,

 the darkness of the night always brings the light to each day,

 it’s through the darkness we all share that helps us see the light,

 darkness comes in many ways as it try’s to catch us off guard,

 but when we see the light no darkness will ever control us,

 through the darkness there is light that brings us strength as we move forward on our path to the promise land.  

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