The Art of finding a Job, New school/old school

                            I remember 36 years ago, when I first started in the Food service Industry, walking in the back door of a restaurant, chatting with person in charge and working the next day, in today’s Society of Hyper-Vigilence, those days are gone. Now you send in a resume and if you don’t have certain keywords, (which only the HR people know) then it is placed into a trash folder, that never gets looked at again, even without chatting with that Individual, now these Individuals can be the best at what they do and could also become a great asset to that company, but instead they hire ones that lack that experience, to pay them less and put more money in the pockets of the owner’s, which then through bonuses, the HR people recieve, for following this process, this is what needs to change, in order to grow America and it’s Society, to be better and stronger moving forward.

                             I get the fact that in business, is all about what you can do for them, to put more money in their pockets, I get the fact that hiring less qualified Individuals, they get paid less, to make the owner’s pockets bigger with cash, but to sacrifice quality, integrity, consistency and the biggest of all Customer Service, is not the correct way in having a successful business. There are alot of businesses out there that do this and is why alot of them do not survive,

                             In Business it is about the bottom line, to get to that bottom line with integrity, you need good, qualified management team and worker’s, that are trained properly, in all aspects of that business, in order to survive anything in this Society, that is put in front of you, whether it’s a weak economy etc… The Corporations that open chains all over this planet, do so by hiring less qualified Individuals at a lesser pay, so they can open more, to bring a bigger bottom line for the owner’s, in this process, it kills the smaller businesses, that have been doing it right for many years.

                             The days of walking into a business, with confidence to show with action, that you are qualified for the job and can become an asset to that company are gone, which brings with it the integrity, of all the businesses moving forward. with all this forces all of us to change, in the same way, which is a big reason why we have a Society of failures, the old school way showed, confidence and with that reward, now no matter what you do, we all become stagnent and at the mercy of the Corporations.

                            We need to break all this red tape, get back to hiring good qualified worker’s, that are confident in their abilities, can be an asset to you and your Company, that can do the job with consistency everytime and can offer great Customer Service, to not only grow your business, but in return can grow themselves and Society. We need to stop thinking of the bottom line so much and focus on other aspects of the business, so that over time, without realizeing it, the bottom line is much greater, which not only helps the owner’s, but also the worker’s and all within this Society.

                             With all that said, when we do it right, it not only helps the businesses, but ourselves, the Society and the way the Government Governs. This recipe is what grows our Society to become strong, with happiness, instead of a Society of hatred, which then becomes weak. We are all in this together, we can do this when we unite, so our Society can be strong and happy moving forward.


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