Summer Time……….

                           The Summer brings out the joy, people taking to the outdoors, the frowns of the winter, turn into the smiles of the summer, from the walks on the beach, to the climbing of the mountains, the daylight brcomes longer, so we can enjoy and spend our time outside, we go from freezing, to days of intense heat, no matter what the temp, we still need to be careful, as not to over indulge.

                            Some may take to boating, as other’s like the solitude of a mountain cabin so they can relax in peace, some like to camp with a luxory trailor, as other’s go camping in a tent, so remote your cell phone, will not get a signal, we all like the summertime, as we enjoy in many different ways, it is our freedom, that God has invisioned for us all.

                             There are four different seasons, each with their splendor as well as their faults, Humans are the same, as we to have splendor things, that come with faults, we learn to enjoy all the seasons and except the good with the bad, just like the earth changes, with each season coming, we to as Human’s change, everyday of our lives.

                            The Summer time means vacations, for us to enjoy, no matter what we do, we do it outdoors, so we can enjoy the beauty, as we move across this Earth. but with those nice hot days, also comes the storms of Mother Nature, that temporarilly stop us in our tracks, we learn to delay for short time, then continue our fun, with a smile.

                             No matter what the season, we learn to adjust, but as to ourselves, we don’t adjust and change, til we are forced to, then make the wrong changes, if we learn to change like the seasons, then our lives, throughout our lifetime, will be filled with more happiness, instead of gloom, it’s not just the summer, it’s all four seasons as one.

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