Targeting Chilhood Obesity

                            Some will argue that this is a big problem within our Society, a problem where our children are gaining weight, from eating snacks. The reality of the problem is the lack of excercise from our children, anybody at any age will gain weight from snacking without the proper excercise. Our schools and our Government, are stepping in where they are not needed, they should be focusing on more important issues.

                             Our Government wants to ban any soda served over 16oz. Ban resteraunts from using trans fats and the list goes on, the Governments, no matter what branch, has more important issues to worry about, The schools yes, they should have better and healthier menus, to serve the children, but to ban a “cupcake” from a child that brings it in for lunch, that was given to him/her for their birthday? that is going to far, they should be worrying about more important things, to keep the children safer and making curriculum better, to teach our children better.

                            When I was a child, after I got home from school, would go home, change and line up my homework for later, then go out and gather with other children, to form a pick up game of street hockey, or a game of baseball, or even football, those are good activities, that give you excercise and wears off calories. In the Society of today, you have less of that, which the children go home from school, a day that they have been sitting at a desk all day, then go home and sit more, as they play their computer games, while they play their games they are snacking, with no excercise during all this, common sense will tell you that they will become Obese.

                           We have become a Society of Technology, with this technology, we have become a society of, laziness and obesity, we don’t need the Schools and our Government, telling us, what our common sense is telling us, all we have to do is listen to our own common sense, limit the time of our children play on the computer, or the sitting and watching of the TV, encourage them to go outside within the neighborhood, and form a pick up game of street hockey, baseball, or what ever sport they like, with other children in which they live, not only will this give them excercise, it will also give them much needed social skills, that are important as they grow up into life.

                            This obesity problem isn’t the only problem in which we face, we also face a huge communication issue, like face to face contact, as today we interact to much through the computer, this is very unhealthy as it does not give our children a chance to feel or see real feelings and emotions, both the obesity and the communication issues of today, are one in the same, as not being able to have true feelings and emotions, will lead to obesity, The children of today, are America’s future, to fix this problem correctly, it starts in the home, not within our Government, or the schools.

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