United States Government VS N.C.I.S (tv show)

                           The Writer’s and the cast of the show NCIS, do a great job at leaving us hanging from week to week, let alone the finale last night, where now we are left hanging til next season? This is definitely the best show on telivision, hands down.

                             With that said? each episode is strikeingly similar to our Government, it brings out all the secrets, that are are not shown to us the people, it shows corruption within all the branches of our Government, the “power game” played by all, in order to get what they want, when someone actually does it right, they are looked at as a threat, from their colleagues, so they become a target of which to eliminate, it shows lack of leadership, which breeds the “finger pointing”, instead of taking responsibility. Any of our elected officials that say no to any of this, is in denial and are lying to the one’s that voted him in, the term for the politics in DC is, the Washington Power Game.

                             The show NCIS, is the best show on TV, because it makes us aware of the everyday happinings of Washington DC, this includes the office of the President on down through the ranks. The other reason this show is so good, is the drama it creates to suck us all in, the plot twists, the current cast, the way they act with each other, like there is always something going on, plus the likeability of each cast member by all of us, Gibbs for instance, he has his rules that is up to all to figure out, the way he lives personally, is so simple, the quietness of his character that leaves you wondering, he don’t say much, but what he says is always right on and can’t forget the “gibbs” slap to the back of the head.

                            The U.S. Government and the show NCIS, are so different, but yet so similar, as the Media brings our attention to what’s happening in our Government, the show NCIS does the same thing, except through the drama of a #1 TV show. In both cases we are left hanging either each day, or week to week.

                             I totally love the show NCIS, it is the best show of my life to date, hope the cast stays in tact, as well all the writer’s, they do a “FAN”tastic job, as I don’t ever see this show ending, because it reflects reality much closer, then any other show.


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