Special things happen thats why they are Special

                            Those of us that are Hockey fans, even better if you are a Boston Bruins fan. To see what the Boston Bruins did last night was really a special moment in ones life, To be down 4 to 1 in the third period, then with a min. left on the clock to send it to overtime all tied at 4 and even better getting the game winner in overtime, was not just the greatest come back in Hockey History, but was truly a special moment, to all that was involved.

                            Hockey is one of those sports, that is geared toward the blue collar middle class, it is a fast paced sport, to which some that don’t understand, can’t follow the puck, let alone the plays, it is a sport of true grit, determination, hard work, talent, speed, the learning how to win and how to lose, when you are struggling in life, you turn to Hockey to see what is needed to survive.

                              What this game showed to us is, when you have faith, no matter how much you are down, there is hope and as long as their is hope, you can overcome anything that is put in front of you, or on your path to succeed. Hockey and the Boston Bruins, truly showed this last night, when those that lost that faith and turned the channel or left the game, missed out on the biggest moment in sports, but also lost out on how to overcome the odds.

                             When we watch the game of Hockey, especially in the playoffs, we are truly watching a spectacle of life as we live it, each team is made up of a group of Individuals, these Individuals have to learn to come together, use their talents together, be so tight knit that they become family, when they unite as one, that is what makes a Championship team. The Boston Bruins are a perfect example of this, they believed in themselves, had faith in each other and with that faith, brought hope to overcome the odds and win to move on in the playoffs.

                            With the Tradgedy of the Boston Marathon in our past, the Boston Bruins last night, showed us all what the term, #bostonstrong really means, that is unity and with this unity, there is strength to overcome, from whatever comes across our path. This is the best way to heal from such a Tradgedy and move forward better and stronger.

                            With all this said, we in Bruins Nation, lost a little Bruins fan, that was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, watching his Dad come across the finish line. He is an 8 year old boy, Martin Richard, let me dedicate this special win to him, to show his spirit is with us always, as the Bruins played for him, showing pride and will to win, also showing that no matter what, never give up, keep fighting and we will move on better and stronger then ever.

                #bostonstrong Master Martin Richard…………..R.I.P.


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