Through the Pain comes Happiness and Peace

                            We are all brought into this World out of Love, from so little we are  pure, fragile and a sponge for information, but as we grow, we go through alot of different changes, we also experiences alot of life events also, some of these events are more drastic than others, but none the less, they bring some pain to our lives, to help us grow and become who we are.

                            When we go through these events, we make alot of mistakes, these mistakes bring us deep pain, in order for us to be free of the pain, we have to learn from our mistakes, so that we don’t make them again, alot of times we get caught up in Society, get stuck in a comfortable rut and don’t acknowledge til it is to late, that we have made the same mistake once again, instead of nipping it in the bud, when it first happens, so we can make it right, before it brings us pain once again.

                            We all go through life events, each of these events are very different, with the population of the world, that makes for quite a big difference and alot of different issues had by each of us, what we can’t do, is let the pain turn to anger, then bring it to Society, this is a recipe for diseaster. It is okay to make mistakes, as we handle these events, we just have to learn from these mistakes and not let the event control us, or even let it control our destiny.

                              We as Individuals, living within a Society, go through alot of events as we walk this Earth, as we go through the pain, we have to keep moving forward, as to learn to be better and stronger, so from the pain, we can get to that happiness and live in Peace. Anybody that says, “life is easy”, is living in denial and is not acknowledging their own faults, those of us that live the pain, acknowledge the problem, will then fix the problem, then one day, see the happiness and live in peace. Even when we are at peace and happiness, we need to have eyes behind our heads, as to not let our problems of the past, sneak up on us and hurt us again, when we get caught up in that comfortable rut, that should be a signal, to change, keep things fresh, so we ourselves can stay in control, which will be a big positive for our Society, as it will bring out the good and eliminate all the bad.


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