Happy Mother’s Day

 A Mother’s love is the most sacred of all love in our lives,

 A Mother’s love is the most strongest bond we will ever know,

 A Mother’s love is never said just felt deep within our hearts,

 A Mother’s love comes from the heart as it will never be shown,

 A Mother’s love is true genuine and whole that is never broken apart,

 A Mother’s love will never die as in our heart it always thrives.



                            A Mother will never doubt, even at our worst of times, our Mother’s are always there with words to encourage us, our Mother’s always know when their children hurt, even without words she makes us feel renewed.

                            Mother’s always give, then never ask in return, as we with our actions, are the only return she will accept, she always knows when we hurt, even if we live far far away, this is the magic of being a Mother, A Mother’s love has no words of expression, as it’s only a feeling, that makes it so special and real.

                            As we grow up from a young age, we tend to take for granted our Mother’s love, then as we are grown, with lives of our own, we then realize what a Mother’s love truely is, for some it’s too late, for other’s we change to become like her, Mother’s are truely a blessing from God, that helps us through whatever life puts in our paths.

                            Those of us that are still blessed to have them with us, need to cherish our time with our Mother’s, for that time is so precious, those who have lost their Mother, still are not alone, as they watch over them, with love from high above,

                            A Mother will guide us, cry with us, hug us, love us, all while being strong, to show us strength, without our Mother’s, we would be incomplete, for our Mother’s are always watching over us, no matter where we may be, a Mother’s words are a feeling that comes from the heart.

                            That feeling of warmth we get through our bodies, is really the love of our Mother’s, coming from our hearts.

                            Mother’s day is a special day for us to reckcognize, but a Mother’s love is , 24/7/365. Love you Mom, with all my heart.


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