Our Boston Sports Teams

                            With the Boston Marathon Tradgedy in our past now, our Society within Boston and it’s subburbs, now looking to heal the wounds whether physical or mentally, some have suffered greatly, some minor, none the less we all have been affected in some way, shape, or form. the term #bostonstrong has become a huge part of it, as it means, we are strong and will survive this tradgedy, through unity of each other, which the first responder’s have proved this by their actions. Mayor Tom Menino, through all his problems he has faced personally, still stepped up and put the city first, in order for them to rebound stronger, this shows great leadership, which is what this Society needs more of.

                             When you look at Role Models in our Society, the Boston Sport’s Teams have filled this role, with what they have done through this Tradgedy, the Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox have been the front runner in this, as well as the Owner of the Patriots, Mr.Robert Kraft, but beyond what they have done, to honor all the victims, it’s the sport itself that brings the healing, with the Bruins in the playoffs and winning big games, it helps us feel strong, happy and pride, which shows us that with sports, we can over come anything that is put before us, it also shows us that through tradgedy, we can win and be stronger moving forward, some of us get carried away with our sports, by losing what the real meaning of sports is, we create anger at other’s when our teams lose, we get violent towards other’s, when they don’t act the same way or route for the same team, this is the part of sport’s we need to change, show other’s that it is a game, that gives us hope, happiness, competition, pride and gives us the strength to move on, no matter what happens in our lives.

                            Sport’s is one tool, that helps us live within Society, over come anything that is put before us, forget our problems for a short time, so we can heal ourselves, to become stronger moving forward. Yes there are some Player’s, that to them it’s about the money, but there are even more Player’s that do it the right way, these are the Player’s we need as role models, these Player’s also know who they are and embrace their role, we as fan’s have come to love these Player’s, to the point where we follow them, no matter where they end up, but relish them even more, when they are on our favorite team.

                              Sport’s are great for our Society, when we turn to them for the right reasons, they help us heal and give us hope, so as in life, we can have that same hope, in order to heal from our problems, to move forward in the future, with strength and prosparity, then in return we bring to Society the same method, so it to can be Society of happiness, instead of a Society of hatred.


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