Whats in a Dream

 A Dream is our subconcious talking to us quietly,

 A Dream is showing us the what if scene of life,

 A Dream can be violent from an event that sadened us,

 A Dream can be a reality with some work on our part,

 A Dream is our way of bringing awareness to life around us.



 When we Dream we are in a fantasy thats not part of real life,

 When we Dream our subconcious is working overtime to heal us,

 When we Dream we are not sleeping just our eyes are closed,

 When we Dream is a way for us to escape our realities,

 When we Dream it gives us an outlet to be free of our lives.



 Dreaming is like crying it shows we are strong and not weak,

 Dreaming is a way for us to forget for a short time and be free,

 Dreaming can be a good thing as it helps us focus in life,

 Dreaming makes us remmember things in which we have forgotten,

 Dreaming can be a way to fix what is wrong to move forward stronger,

 Dreaming should not be fantasy as it allows us great depression,

 Dreaming is a part of life that allows us hope to move on with strength.

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