Reviewing ones past to make future better

                            As we move forward in our lives, sometimes we are met with confusion and uncertainty, through all this, we sometimes lose sight and fall off the tracks, we then struggle to find what is wrong, then compound our issues even worse then what they should be,

                             Some of us just simply hide in plain sight, without addressing the truth of the issue, some just roam around aimlessly without direction, the rest of us, face the issues head on, to fix what is wrong and get right back on the track of life.

                             It is ok to review your past, to see where things went wrong, as to not get caught up, or dwell in the past, where you lose sight of reality and not make proper changes to your self, to move forward better and stronger.

                              Life is what you make it, if you don’t work at it everyday, address your issues daily, face your fears head on and simply just hide in plain sight, then Life will be hard and a daily struggle.

                            When you review your past, to address your current issues, face all your fears head on, tackle all your issues now, not later, then Life will reward you with good and you will be stronger moving forward, which gives you a better outlook on your future.

                                   The past is the past, only use it to review and not to dwell on, so you and all those around you, can live in a future that is better and stronger, when all of us in this Society do this, we then create a Society of good and happiness, instead of a Society of hatred and sadness.


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