Why do we Humans hate so much

                            This is a good question? One I have been thinking about often as of recent, there is way to much hatred in this Society, which has been out weighing the good, we need to act now, so we can get back to a Society of good, which is the way God had envisioned for us, when he created this planet and us as Humans. There is alot of good still out there, but lately no thanks to the Media, all we hear about is all the bad, it is we the people that can change this, when each of us wake up each and every morning, start our days with a shower, let’s all look in the mirror, ask ourselves this one question, ” how can I change a negative into a positive”?

                             As you ponder this question, remember that what each of us brings to Society, affects all those around us, as we bring our anger and negativity, those around us tend to show the same feelings. It is also the easy way out, instead of facing our problems or fears head on, we in this Society have become so dependant on the new technology, we have become lazy, in everything we do, instead of facing our problems, we suppress them cause it’s the easy way, we need to get back to the work ethnic of our Fore-Fathers, in order to be a happy Society once again.

                            Our fore-Fathers had it rough, as all our technology wasn’t even a thought in anybodies mind, they worked very hard for everything, especially the raising of their children, yes the Society was very different then, but with all their hard work, dealing with their problems head on, instead of supressing them, which only makes them worse later, they were a very happy Society, which helped us to start our Journies, now we are taking all their hard work and just throwing it in the trash, we need to be smarter with our decisions, face our problems head on at times of crises, not supress for a later time, life is difficult enough and we only get one shot at it, so let’s do it right the first time, live in a happy Society, instead of one full of hatred.


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