What Family brings to our lives

                            A Family is the foundation of our exsistence, it can bring, comfort, happiness, love and support. A Family can also bring, discomfort, abuse, dysfunctional, sadness and lonliness.

                             As we grow up in our Families, we are building our foundation of life, in which we carry with us into Society. when that foundation becomes cracked, or is not complete, then our lives within Society shows that we are incomplete, We go through life with mixed feelings, or simply no feelings at all, we tend to bring anger to Society, with this anger comes a whole lot of other issues with it, instead of communicating and trusting other’s, we become loner’s, keep to ourselves, surpress all our true feelings, instead of working through it, because when we keep to ourselves, that is taking the easy way out, but in reality all we are doing is, hiding in plain sight, compounding our problems til a later time, then when that time comes, we then explode with no idea what we have done? Life is hard enough without having to deal with problems we should of taken care from the beginning, when those problems would of been easier to handle. In the long run, we are not only hurting ourselves, we are hurting Society by bringing this anger into it, Society has to much anger and not enough love, so we all can live in happiness.

                              When our Family foundation is solid and strong, full of support, love and happiness, we then come into Society with confidence, love and the strength to do whatever comes our way, then as we become comfortable within Society, Society itself then flourishes with that same love and happiness and then grows stronger for all. A strong Society full of love, is a reality, a Society full of hatred and anger, is a fraud that is weak, this all starts with our families, as we grow and build our foundation, that we bring into Society, unite with our fellow Humans, so a Society of good will over power a Society of bad. We are all born into this world out of love and happiness, not out of hatred and anger, it’s time we all fix our foundations, so Society can be strong and good once again.

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