Living Life Respectfully without Regrets

                            As we are born into this world, we are brought up to respect thy fellow Human, help thy fellow neighbor and nuture all plant life/animals around us. As we grow into Society and become an Individual, we learn a wide variety of ideas, styles and values. As we grow up and learn in our schools, we are learning by older and fellow Humans, who teach us there style of what they learned, with all these different styles, that have been taught over time and throughout the history of Mankind, it shows that with structure, Society can grow to great lengths, when you respect all those around you, whether material or breatheing, then life itself will show you the same respect back.

                           When we have grown up and become a regular member of our Society, we then look to become comfortable, like working at a good paying job, settle down with that someone special, buy a house and a pet, have children, then a new cycle of life starts for us. This time with new people around us, as we settle down we become complacent and lose that edge we once had, because we are now caught up in a rut of everyday living as we made it, some of us get the big house, nice cars and all the toys, others just live a simple life, with little or nothing to show for it, no matter who you are? We all need to remember one thing? When we live life respectfully, respect all that is around us, including ourselves, then that same respect will be showed back at us as well.

                            Life is like a Natural Diseaster, it can all be taken away in one swoop, everything you have will be gone in a blink of an eye, this is why we call it a tradgedy. Life to all of us is a very precious thing, to which for some, it is a daily struggle, Life really does not have to be a struggle, if we do it the right way, by respecting all that is around us, including ourselves, when we do this, it brings out all the good in Society and leaves no room for the bad.

                            When we have a Society full of good, love and compassion, then all the hatred and evil will go away. All the tradgedies we have now, that makes us sad, will become far and few between, this is up to all of us in this Society, all over this planet called Earth, once we all unite, live our lives the right way, with respect, then there will be no more regrets, for any of us.

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