The beauty of the month of May

 With may we see the re-birth of the plants on Earth,

 with may we see all the flowers in full bloom,

 with may we all wake up from our winter blues,

 with may brings the sun as hot as a fire from a boom,

 with may brings all the people outside for some great views,

 May is just a month that brings beauty to us in a rebirth.



 As we all know the words April showers brings May flowers,

 May is also the begginning that God bestows on us each year,

 May is a beautiful month that shows the buds of freshness,

 May is a happy time for us all so we can  erase all our fear.

 The month of May makes us so happy that we become breatheless,

 May reunites us with the Earth as we feel energizd with endless power.

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