To be or not to be

                            All of us in our lives, strive to be the very best in everything we do, we learn, practice and implement, a variety of diferent choices and things, that we dream will make us successful. The fact is, there is only a small percentage of us, that truely experience the true happiness in which we set out to achieve.

                            The majority of us, get stuck in the what if world, which we then become unhappy with other’s around us, we take to complaining and digging up the dirt of other’s, to try to make our selves look better then everybody else, we then become something in which we are not, then as time goes by, we are forced to continue this process, cause we think it is accepted, but truly what we are doing is creating a fake reality, that does nothing but bring us more problems.

                             Life in general is very difficult on it’s own, with all the life events and situations, that happen to all of us, make life even more difficult, we need to understand the why? It happens, so we can attack each situation with confidence when they happen, so we then have a feeling of accomplishment, so we can move on with confidence, strength and happiness.

                             Life everyday of our lives, is very hard work, there is no easy route, some of us may think we have the answer to an easy life, but in reality those so-called easy ways, become much harder, then the actual route of life, our lives are determined by the way we live it, if we do it right, love ourselves and all those around us, then the good will come, but if we dislike ourselves and other’s, then the evil and bad will follow us everywhere.

                              Life is truly what we make it, when we live a life of lies, fake portrayal, cheating etc… Then our lives will be full of that deception.

                               We don’t have to make our lives harder, then life already is, if each one of us can find that, “TRUE EMPATHY”, of each other, this world would be a better place to live. All we have to do is, be our true self’s attack all the life’s events as they happen and not procrastinate, til they get so big that we can’t handle them anymore, when we do this we get so overwhelmed, we then take them out on other’s, which disrupts the normal flow of life and other’s, that are trying to do it right.

 “Life’s Destiny we can control, we need not let it control us”.


On a Daily Basis

                            As I lay my head, on the pillow to sleep, I do the same each and every night, I find alot of times my brain is restless, to which I can’t sleep, hours go by as I am still awake, I say why? Why can’t I sleep?

                            Sometimes in a life of fast paced, we forget how to unwind and relax, to ease our brain into a state of sleepiness, instead I come home from a long day, take a nap to refresh, then come bed time, I can’t get my brain to stop working and shut down for some sleep, I try everything, but just lay there with eyes wide open.

                              Sleep is the best thing for our bodies, as it heals us from all our troubles, when we disappear into Rem, it’s our natural way of shutting down, to recharge and feel renewed, nobody will ever know, where we go deep into Rem, it is a spot only God know’s, cause he puts us there, when we become so stressed and troubled, that he wants to help us heal, from all our troubles.

                            When we supress our troubles, to try to forget, we are not doing ourself’s any good, all we our doing is forcing our brains and minds to over work, as this leads to non sleep, of our bodies, then we wake up in morning more tired then when we went to bed, to retrain our sleeping habits, is to retrain ourselves and what we do each day, how we react to our problems, then finish our days, as we get ready for a truly good nights sleep.

                             It is not about how much we squeeze in each day, by our jobs, going to the gym, or other extra-curricular activities, it is how we pace ourselves, with moderation, then deal with all our troubles, so we can be truly happy and get the right kind of sleep. In today’s Society, we drive ourselves crazy with trying to fit in, or even keeping up, when all we need for true happiness, is, just be ourselves and fix our problems as they happen, so they don’t compound any larger, then we can be at peace and happiness.


Just a thought on this Memorial day weekend

                            As we all spend time with family and friends on this Memorial Weekend.

                            Let us not only remember those brave souls who served and are serving, this great country, that have gave or are giving their lives for us to live in freedom, but let us also remember our loved ones who have passed in our own lives, these are the people who have shaped us into who we are. Some may have had bad experiences by these Individuals and have shaped us into something that we are not, sometimes in life we are lead by other’s, that do nothing but harm us, but unfortunately from a young age, we don’t understand this and follow a direction, that does nothing but harm ourselves and we are afraid to confront these people, so we end up living a life of denial, to protect ourselves further, we end up becoming something we are not, by hiding in plain sight and not showing our time of weakness.

                            We all have fallen prey to this kind of control in some shape or form, but unfortunitly in our Society, you are looked at as weak, if you speak out against people like this, what we need to change is, it is okay to speak out, or call out someone that harms us, even if we speak through the tears, cause tears are not weakness, but strength, they are a way to heal us from harm, so we can move forward stronger and better. This Society today, is more about fiction, then it is about fact, just look around within everything you do in a day’s time.

                            So as we celebrate another Memorial Day, let us all remember all those who have served and are serving, that have fought for this Country with pride and strength, even through the tears, from anguish, they helped bring freedom to this land of America, for all of us to enjoy. Let us also remember all our loved ones who have come and gone, even if some has harmed us, let us forgive them, so we to can move forward with strength, to be free and enjoy the freedom of this land. Life is a very precious thing, some may live longer then other’s, but none the less, life has to be enjoyed everyday, not taken for granted, from fear or weakness, so let’s enjoy it together in peace, happiness and the American way.

The Hockey Times

 Hockey is a sport that is played on a cold service called ice,

 Hockey is a sport that is fast full of energy with lots of twists,

 Hockey always will be a blue collar sport showing hard work,

 Hockey is a tough sport on occaission showing some fists,

 Hockey to some may be hard to watch to others it is a perk,

 Hockey is about the team when they win we are louder then the mice.



 Hockey takes an extreme amount of courage as you block that slapshot,

 Hockey takes great skill as you stick handle around five men,

 Hockey is full of action unlike baseball that makes you sleepy.

 hockey is played on skates with a blade as narrow as a pen,

 Hockey is for the tough with big hearts not for weak and weepy,

 Hockey sticks give you leverage for that good shot like a rifle loaded with buckshot.


Memorial Day Weekend

                            As we all get ready for another three day weekend, let us not forget who, why and how we are able to live our lives in freedom.

                             In this Society of today, we get caught up in the flow of, “keeping up with the Jones”, this is a quote, that should never of been said, as it forces us to lose sight of our own real lives and makes us form an imaginary life, that we try to portray.

                            When the days that America was first discovered, there were Individuals living here, that not only lived here, but did so in a manner that showed great strength and courage in which to survive, as America was discovered these Individuals were invaded, as from that day their lives were changed forever.

                             When all our Technology was first invented, it changed our lives today, the very same way, those Individuals of America’s past have changed, with the discovering of America, this technology was supposed to help us move forward in the future and make our lives easier, but it has done just the opposite, it has forced us against each other, by trying to out do each other, technology was suppose to help us communicate better, but it has done the opposite by, stripping us of the face to face interaction of each other, which makes us not feel our true feelings and enotions, without these we lose sight of who we really are. 

                            Throughout time, yes there have been true hero’s that have died for this Country, to help us live in freedom, with our families, in this Society we pay homage to people that should not be made into a hero, these people have really done nothing, to help in our freedom, when a soldier dies fighting for this Country, he might get a mention in the media, but when an actor dies, the media makes this “breaking news” for a week, this is what we need to change in our Society.

                              America is truly a great Country, with this weekend apon us, we need not celebrate by endorsing drinking and partying, we need to truly with our hearts, remember all of those, throughout our history, that have either put their lives on the line, or have died for this great Country, these are our true Hero’s that we have forgotten, these are the ones that gave us in this Society our rights and our freedoms. With these rights and freedoms comes responsibilities, being responsible is something we have forgotten, with all the “keeping up with the Jones”, we in this Society have lost sight and got off track, when we truly love and respect one another, we can get back on track, to truly honor our true Hero’s.

                            These true Hero’s, did so as a team with other’s in unity, to help make America great, as we celebrate this weekend, let’s take a trip down memory lane, a time in history, that made America great, a time where all our comforts of today didn’t exsist, you really had to put in a hard days work in order to survive, a time where other Countries, tried to invade us and our soldiers, put their lives on the line for this Country, so the future of this Country can live in freedom.

                           Memorial Day is truly a day where, we get to remember our fallen, with respect, so we can learn from them, live our own lives with love, for ourselves and all those around us, forget all the hate as we live in a way, they have envisioned, when they died for this Country. America is truly the greatest of all the Countries, it is time we in this Society show this, by our actions of ourselves and those that are around us.


Deep Dark Journey of Life

                            We are all on the Journey of life, for some it is deep dark experience, for other’s, it is a shallow journey and well lit, we all start out on the same path, but the events that happen to us, determine what path we take, these events happen for a reason, we tend to ignore these events and at the crossroad, we take a wrong turn, which makes our journey that much darker and deeper.

                             With each Journey, we are always exploring the unknown, whether it’s in life, or whether we are on vacation and exploring, a new place. In Life we may encounter many bumps and crossroads, but as we explore, we need to look beyond the crossroad, to see which way to turn next, sometimes we get caught up in the now, then just turn because everybody else went that way, but that way may not be the best way for ourself. alot of times we let these events control us, instead of us being in control, when we do this we make the wrong turn, then our Journey becomes so dark, we can’t see where we are going and end up making bad decisions.

                             We are all on this Journey called Life, this journey is hard enough without these events, but these events happen for a reason and that is to test us, to see how strong we really are, to see how we handle making decisions, to see our ability in sense of direction, to see how we react to different enviroments, to see how we handle dealing with other’s, when we let these events control us, then our Journey will be that of, a deep dark journey, that is full of crossroads, that could of been avoided, if we took control of the events when they first happened.

                            While the Journey is so dark and we lose sight of where we are going, we need to reach out for help, to guide us back on track, this is easier said then done, as it’s Human nature not to reach out, as it shows weakness and we don’t want other’s to see our weakness, so we then start to hide in plain sight, avoiding the truth and the situation that got us there, it becomes easier to hide ourselves and our true feelings and emotions, then show our weakness, we suppress everything not to only protect ourselves, but to also build this imaginary wall and fake sense of strength, Life is hard enough without adding to it on our own, we just need to learn to reach out, showing our true strength and our true selves.


What Sports bring to our Society

                            Most people watch sports, not cause they root for their favorite team, they watch sports, because they bet on a team, in order to try to make money, they put their money on teams who pay big money for a player, to try to bring a championship to their organization, so they to can make more money. These are all the wrong reasons to watch Sports, as this breeds hatred, not only toward each other, but to each team in Sports. When we watch a Sport for the wrong reason, we lose sight of what Sports really means to our Society.

                           Teams that are truly special, don’t go for the Individual stats, they bring their talent to the team, so the whole team can be successful. Look at the 2004 Boston Red Sox, they were not the most talented team, but each guy brought their talent, to the team, they pulled together as one, with the end result being the World Series. The other teams that paid a high price for all the talent, lacked the most important thing, that is “TEAMWORK”. It takes a whole team to win a championship, not one or two guys.

                             The 2011 and current team of the Boston Bruins, are also proving that good team work, can be more successful, then paying one or two guys big money, as in 2011 we all know what happened, when they faced the Vancouver Canucks, offensivly they were a better team, but the Bruins pulled all 20 guys together as a team and won the Stanley Cup. 2013 is still in the balence, but what they are doing and how they are playing, will be fun to watch, as they go for another championship.

                            Not just these two teams, if you go through the history of all sports, you will see the same trend.

                             Sports brings to Society, a lesson to us all, when we do it right, play hard, have determination, never have a quit mentality, always no matter how much pain, move forward with pride and dignity, unite as one and work together, we will overcome anything and everything that comes across our path. Sometimes in life, we need to go back to basics, forget all that has happened, fix our problems, so we can move forward, stronger and better, then we have ever been.

                            When we look at Sports for the right reasons and not lose sight of what those reasons are, then our lives will follow suit. Alot of our Societies problems, come from our perception of things around us, when we percieve wrong, then life will be out of balence, perception is a word we all over look, as we get caught up in the now, what one person percieves for himself, isn’t really what we all percieve and won’t work for everybody, in order to get back our balence in life, we need to change our perception.

                            The perception of a winning and successful team, is very different then a losing team, but the losing team try’s to do what the winning team does, to try to compete, when what they should be doing is change their perception of the team, so they can be successful on their terms. What is good for one, is not what’s good for the other, you have to learn whats good for you, then percieve that good into success.

                             The way the Bruins are playing right now, makes it fun for us die-hard fans to watch, their perception of each other on that team is, hardwork. They may not be the most talented, but what they do as a team, makes them very hard to beat. When each of these guys turn their weakness, to a team strength, they will overcome any team, that is brought forth to face them, this starts with the Coach and works on down, the perception of this team, alot of so called experts say is, they aren’t good enough to compete for a championship, but the perception of the this team in the locker room, is very different, which they don’t listen to the so called experts, they just bring it game in game out as a team, this is what keeps us in this Society in balence and is also what helps us overcome anything and everything that comes across our paths.

                               Perception in what ever you do, goes without saying, when you percieve things the right way and for you, there is nothing you can’t overcome.


Natural Disasters in our lives

                            May God Bless all those in Oklahoma, may he give them all the strength to rebuild their lives moving forward.

                            A natural diseaster like Tornados, are the most deadliest and unpredictible of all of them, these people of Moore, Oklahoma only had 16 min. to seek shelter, once the sirens sounded, just imagine people working an hour from home and at home you have a wife and a newborn baby? 16 min. is not alot of time, let alone the feeling of helplessness, you truly have to put your faith in God, to keep your loved ones safe.

                           When ever there is severe weather like thunderstorms on the radar, you literally have to keep an eye to the sky, watch the clouds constently, checking for any kind of a funnel cloud, as what looks like a funnel in one area, the other area is clear, a Tornado can strike in a instant, then disappear just as fast, once that Tornado touches ground, anything and everything in it’s way, gets sucked into it with such great force, it is either destroyed totally, or you may find part of it for miles and miles.

                            We in this Society have many things along our Journies of life that we fear, those that live within what is called “Tornado Alley”, have this extra fear to worry about, fear is one thing, but being afraid is another, these people of “tornado alley” fear these storms all the time, but from that they show their strength, by getting as ready as they can, so they can survive these storms, when you are afraid, you become weak and never ready yourself for the big event, because you are to busy living in the fear, it clouds your judgement, to which you end up making the bad choice.

                             With all the Technology we have today, all the scientists and weather scientists, we should be able to predict these Tornados much better? We should be able to fly above these severe storms, look down into them and see what makes them tick, we may never be able to control them, as only Mother Nature can do that, but atleast have a better understanding of when and how they strike, so there is alot more then 16 min. to react and seek shelter.

                             I understand it takes money to investigate these storms, i get that, but what I don’t get, is all the wasting of time and money from our Government on stupid stuff, that has no bearing on the safety of all the American people. Without the People of this great Country alive and working, paying their fair share of the taxes, we don’t have a Country in which to live. It starts at the top, to weed out all the bad crap, then focus on the good, to make this Country great once again.

                             Diseaster’s, Tradgedies, everything happens for a reason, we need to find what that reason is, to be stronger and better moving forward, God is unhappy with all the hatred and evil in this world, this is not what he envisioned when he created us and this planet, maybe? if we fix our own attitudes towards ourselves and other’s around us, then all these disasters and tradgedies will diminish from our lives? Just like when Noah built the ark, from the floods, or during moses and the Ten Commandments, when God took all the first born, everything happens for a reason, we need to find that reason, correct it and move forward stronger and better, so we all can live in peace, happiness and love. 


Through the Darkness, there is light

 Through the darkest of the dark, we can still find the light,

  through the darkness we are afraid of the unknown,

  the darkness seems so eery to which slows us down,

  the darkness brings many uncertain times as we move forward,

  as the darkness overwhelms us our instincts shows us the light,

 it is the darkest times that brings out our strength to show us the light,

 the dark to some may be scary but to other’s it shows strength,

 when the darkness comes we look to the moon to light our path,

 when we have a lighted path no darkness will be feared,

 even the darkest dark has some light to shine on our path,

 never doubt the darkness as positivity will be our shining light,

 we all need the dark in order to truly see the light and be strong,

 the darkness of the night always brings the light to each day,

 it’s through the darkness we all share that helps us see the light,

 darkness comes in many ways as it try’s to catch us off guard,

 but when we see the light no darkness will ever control us,

 through the darkness there is light that brings us strength as we move forward on our path to the promise land.  

The Art of finding a Job, New school/old school

                            I remember 36 years ago, when I first started in the Food service Industry, walking in the back door of a restaurant, chatting with person in charge and working the next day, in today’s Society of Hyper-Vigilence, those days are gone. Now you send in a resume and if you don’t have certain keywords, (which only the HR people know) then it is placed into a trash folder, that never gets looked at again, even without chatting with that Individual, now these Individuals can be the best at what they do and could also become a great asset to that company, but instead they hire ones that lack that experience, to pay them less and put more money in the pockets of the owner’s, which then through bonuses, the HR people recieve, for following this process, this is what needs to change, in order to grow America and it’s Society, to be better and stronger moving forward.

                             I get the fact that in business, is all about what you can do for them, to put more money in their pockets, I get the fact that hiring less qualified Individuals, they get paid less, to make the owner’s pockets bigger with cash, but to sacrifice quality, integrity, consistency and the biggest of all Customer Service, is not the correct way in having a successful business. There are alot of businesses out there that do this and is why alot of them do not survive,

                             In Business it is about the bottom line, to get to that bottom line with integrity, you need good, qualified management team and worker’s, that are trained properly, in all aspects of that business, in order to survive anything in this Society, that is put in front of you, whether it’s a weak economy etc… The Corporations that open chains all over this planet, do so by hiring less qualified Individuals at a lesser pay, so they can open more, to bring a bigger bottom line for the owner’s, in this process, it kills the smaller businesses, that have been doing it right for many years.

                             The days of walking into a business, with confidence to show with action, that you are qualified for the job and can become an asset to that company are gone, which brings with it the integrity, of all the businesses moving forward. with all this forces all of us to change, in the same way, which is a big reason why we have a Society of failures, the old school way showed, confidence and with that reward, now no matter what you do, we all become stagnent and at the mercy of the Corporations.

                            We need to break all this red tape, get back to hiring good qualified worker’s, that are confident in their abilities, can be an asset to you and your Company, that can do the job with consistency everytime and can offer great Customer Service, to not only grow your business, but in return can grow themselves and Society. We need to stop thinking of the bottom line so much and focus on other aspects of the business, so that over time, without realizeing it, the bottom line is much greater, which not only helps the owner’s, but also the worker’s and all within this Society.

                             With all that said, when we do it right, it not only helps the businesses, but ourselves, the Society and the way the Government Governs. This recipe is what grows our Society to become strong, with happiness, instead of a Society of hatred, which then becomes weak. We are all in this together, we can do this when we unite, so our Society can be strong and happy moving forward.