To be or not to be

                            All of us in our lives, strive to be the very best in everything we do, we learn, practice and implement, a variety of diferent choices and things, that we dream will make us successful. The fact is, there is only a small percentage of us, that truely experience the true happiness in which

On a Daily Basis

                            As I lay my head, on the pillow to sleep, I do the same each and every night, I find alot of times my brain is restless, to which I can’t sleep, hours go by as I am still awake, I say why? Why can’t I sleep?                             Sometimes in a life of fast

Just a thought on this Memorial day weekend

                            As we all spend time with family and friends on this Memorial Weekend.                             Let us not only remember those brave souls who served and are serving, this great country, that have gave or are giving their lives for us to live in freedom, but let us also remember our loved ones who have

Memorial Day Weekend

                            As we all get ready for another three day weekend, let us not forget who, why and how we are able to live our lives in freedom.                              In this Society of today, we get caught up in the flow of, “keeping up with the Jones”, this is a quote, that should never of been

Deep Dark Journey of Life

                            We are all on the Journey of life, for some it is deep dark experience, for other’s, it is a shallow journey and well lit, we all start out on the same path, but the events that happen to us, determine what path we take, these events happen for a reason, we tend to ignore

What Sports bring to our Society

                            Most people watch sports, not cause they root for their favorite team, they watch sports, because they bet on a team, in order to try to make money, they put their money on teams who pay big money for a player, to try to bring a championship to their organization, so they to can

Natural Disasters in our lives

                            May God Bless all those in Oklahoma, may he give them all the strength to rebuild their lives moving forward.                             A natural diseaster like Tornados, are the most deadliest and unpredictible of all of them, these people of Moore, Oklahoma only had 16 min. to seek shelter, once the sirens sounded, just imagine

The Art of finding a Job, New school/old school

                            I remember 36 years ago, when I first started in the Food service Industry, walking in the back door of a restaurant, chatting with person in charge and working the next day, in today’s Society of Hyper-Vigilence, those days are gone. Now you send in a resume and if you don’t have certain keywords,

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