Dealing with Terrorists

                            A good way to look at a Terrorist is, a school yard Bully. A Bully is a form of Terrorist, as he/she likes to inflict fear in there victims, they like our modern day Terrorist, are nothing more then a Coward. A Bully will Terrorize you by stalking, threatening or, beating you. A Terrorist is all that, except more devestating, A Bully and a Terrorist are very much alike, as they go about inflicting fear in all of us.

                             Combating Terrorism is much like combating a Bully, you stand up to them, look them in the eye and put that same fear right back at them. You will see them cowar away like the Coward they truely are, they may try new ways, or a different tatic, but if you stand your ground and stay confident, they will see we will not be defeated, of which they will slither away like a true Coward. The way we dealt with Bully’s growing up, along with our fore-fathers, will be all the aid we need in combating, the most fearsome of all Bully’s, which are the Terrorists.

                             Life is hard enough without having to deal with these Cowards, we as Human in this Society, just have to unite, stand as one and we will see these, “distraught Individuals” slither away like the true Coward in which they are.


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