Judgement Day

                            We in this Society are quick to Judge other’s, as this helps hides our own problems and our own true feelings and emotions.When we judge other’s all we are doing is diflecting our own situations, supressing all our feelings, then down the road, we become engulfed in situations, that overwhelm us, when we fix the problem as it happens, it is so much easier to fix. This Society has wronged us in that we judge before we think, God gave us a brain to think, we need to start excercising this process.

                            We in this Society judge other’s, for this makes us “look” strong and gives us more power over our fellow man, this also makes like all around us are weak, but in reality, those that judge are the weak ones, as they have a low self-worth, also have problems of their own in which they don’t want to address. The Judgeing of other’s is what creates all the hatred in this Society, just like God said, ” those who helps himself, will be stronger in helping other’s”, what he truely means is, when we fix our own problems, we then can help other’s overcome theirs.

                            In order to stop all the hatred, we need to stop all the judgeing of other’s, be more compassionate of other’s, show more love of each other, instead of surpressing our feelings and hiding our problems, address them first, as to not bring them into Society, life is hard enough without all of us creating more hatred and fighting with each other, let’s stop this negative judgeing of each other, be more positive of one another, so our Society will never see the Judgement Day.

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