Making choices in our lives

                            We all as Human Beings have made a variety of choices in our lives, choices are what makes us who we are, throughout the creation of Mankind. Some of these choices we make have not been good, as they hurt us and other’s around us, choices are a part of life, of which we need to learn from, when we choose to do something, we need to think through the process, before we actually act on that choice.

                            When we make a right choice, it makes us feel awesome, as our lives get better with happiness, we move on with the confidence and strength, with a feeling of we can achieve anything, we make choices everyday some good,some bad, it’s when we make that choice for all the right reasons, is when we feel good with the confidence to move on.

                            Our choices are a part of our lives and have been part of Mankind, since the beginning of Man, just like when Adam and Eve, made the choice to eat the forbidden fruit, they chose their Individualism over God, we in this Society have a similar choice to make today, we can choose love, or we can choose hatred? A choice is our freedom, but it is also something that will define who we are.

                            Love or Hatred? This choice should be thought thoroughly through, before we make a decision we will regret, not just for us, but for Generations to come, as we all in this Society make our choices, may we all think them through before we choose, as all Humanity may prosper or suffer and not just ourselves. A choice doesn’t have to define us, it should make us better, so we can live in happiness and peace, without hurting ourselves or other’s, while we live in a Society of happiness, peace and good.

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