Living our lives within this Society

                            We grow up as a child, to live within a Society, that is very unforgiving. When you are open and honest with yourself and all around you, you get labeled one thing,when you live a life of deception, you get labeled something else, this Society is all about labeling other’s in order to hide that we ourselves are not perfect and that we to have issues. Some of us are afraid of being labeled the wrong thing, so we tend to hide in plain sight, we become something or someone we are not, all to avoid the labeling.

                             This labeling of each other, is what’s killing the Humanity of our Society, we have become afraid of showing our true feelings and emotions, so we won’t get hurt by our own Society, You have other’s out there that, in order for them to hide who they are, they prey on other’s, to show they are strong and you are weak, instead of people confronting face to face, they then proceed to talk behind the backs of other’s, this to them is there way of hiding their problems, so the problems of other’s are highlighted, to see through this tactic only shows, that the person doing it, has a low feeling of self worth, it also is what brings out the hatred within our Society.

                            In order to change our Society for the better, we need to fix this tactic by calling it out for what it is, we also have to throw away the word “political correct”, as this word does nothing but create offending of other’s, we need to get back to our basics of Humanity, by loving ourselves first, then loving our neighbors and all those around us. God created this planet, for all of us to be equal, with no hatred and love of one another always, the hatred of this Society is happening all over this planet, there is no need of it, as we are all Humans, living on the same planet.

                           We Humans in this Society, are our own worst enemies, we are the smartest of all the creatures on this planet, yet we act so dumb, it’s time we bury all the hatred, start communicating better, bring out more of the love of each other, show more compassion of each other and just simply work as a team, in order to re-build this Society, better and stronger then it ever was.Until we do this, we are heading to a very dark period, of which is not going to be very pretty, we will all be afraid to walk out of our safe zones, for fear of someone shooting us dead, this is not what God wanted for us, he wanted us to live life happy  in freedom and peace, We all have issues in our lives, it’s time we deal with them and not bring them apon other’s in this Society,so we all can live in happiness and peace, within our Society.

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