Changes in our lives as we know it

                            This latest tradgedy is now in our past, it has changed many lives right before our eyes, there will be more changes coming by our Officials, in order to keep us safe from these tradgedies moving forward, change happens to each and every one of us, every day as we walk this planet, this is a way of life, change is good when done in the right way, but if you don’t understand what you are doing or how to go about it, change can be a difficult time in our lives.

                            While we are young and growing up in this Society, we encounter many events that shape us into who, or what we are. These events happen for a reason, it’s up to us as Individuals to find that reason, so we don’t let them shape us into something in which we are not, some of these events are mild, other’s are major and life changing, they may also affect our moods, as we shut down and don’t communicate with anybody, we tend to suppress our true feelings and emotions, in order for these events not to hurt us anymore, as we shut down we are really hurting ourself’s more then the actual event itself, these events happen for a reason, we need to find that reason, in order to move forward better and stronger then ever, not letting these events control us anymore and being in control with our lives, everyday we walk this Earth.

                           In the case of these two Individuals that brought this heinous act to the city of Boston, they to suffered a major event that shaped them into doing what they did, in order for us to understand what happened to them, we have to understand the event that happened to them, so we as Individuals can truely understand why this happened, our everyday lives are hard enough, without worrying about these “distraught Individuals”, but to learn about Human behavior and what event shaped them to do this heinous act, will help us to better understand the why? This will also give many of us closeur, as we change and rebuild our lives.

                              Change is a very big word, a word we all need to understand hole heartily, in order for all of us to live our lives as God wanted us to, as we live our lives, things happen that force us to change, we need to accept it willingly, sometimes we get influenced by other’s or other things, this is where communication and being confident in ourselves, will help us greatly, when we don’t understand something, we need talk to other’s so we can understand it, when we understand it we then can feel confident to change, to make ourselves better and stronger.

                           Change happens everyday, whether we see it or not, we need not be afraid of it, just embrace it so it won’t control us and when we do, change will help us be better and stronger then ever before. When each of us encounter these events, learn to understand them totally, communicate with other’s, so we can be confident in ourselves, as to make the necessary changes, to continue living our lives better and stronger and not have the feeling of spinning out of control, all while staying in touch with our true feelings and emotions and staying in control with ourselves.

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