The Media in our Society

                            All the different branches of the Media in our Society, have become part of the poblem, instead of the solution. When the Media first came into our lives, it was good as it kept us in tune, with all that is happening within our Society, whether it was local, or whether it was far away, when we see what’s happening far away, we then can take steps, from letting it happen close to us. Back in the day, when a family would sit around the radio, to hear the President of the United States speak, this would inform us what was going on within our Country, but more important, it was time our families spent  together and communicate with each other. This Communication is what we lack in our Society today, our families don’t sit around the dinner tables and chat about their days anymore, instead we are disconnected, go about life in our own Individual way, with no guidence from our Parent’s, the Parent’s don’t check up on their children and let them roam as they may, then when the child gets into trouble, the Parent replies by saying, ” my kids an angel”. It’s time we start communicating better and showing more true love of one another.

                              The Media of today, is all about the bottom line, by bottom line I mean money. They pay top dollar to those who are first with a story, which they tend to write the story without true facts, because they write it fast, so they can recieve the money, then they dwell on a story creating more drama and fear for the regular people of this Society. Instead of paying all the attention to the evil ones, why not pay attention to the victim’s, to help them heal their wounds, when you put the evil doer in the spotlight, all you are doing is tuning them into a rockstar. We need to bring out the victim’s more, listen to the special stories,which will give us the strength to move on, it will also bring out the love and show that through the good, the evil will be defeated.

                              The Media of today, is all wrong. They need to change their ways, in order for Society to grow and be strong, the Media should compliment Society and not work against it. Technology is a big reason of this as well, with technology the Media can spread the story faster, hence creating more drama and creating more fear for all in Society. When Media spreads info on tradgedies, they tend to focus on the person who created the tradgedy, this is wrong as it only turns them into a rockstar, which with this approach, now you create more “distraught Individuals”, that now want to one up the other one, so they to can become a rockstar in our Society.

                             Life for all of us, is hard enough without worrying about these Individual’s, we all have our problems, we don’t need to add to them by the Media, spreading around mis-information, or writing a story just to make a buck. Let’s unite together, show more of our true feelings and emotions, our love and compassion and helping of ourselves and our neighbor. This is what we need more of, to stop all the hatred in this World. Focus on all the good, even during the tradgedies, so we can heal and be stronger moving forward.

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