As we Heal from such Tradgedy in Boston

                            We in this Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the United States and the World, have encountered an attack on Humanity in our Society. An attack that was planned against innocent People, to mame, hurt and kill us, the question of why? is still to be determined, but we all know that the two responsible, along with the organization of which they believed in, are the true evil on this planet. This Organization is one of, such distortion, that they think their believes are right and everything else is wrong, their distortion has clouded them so, that they will do whatever they have to, in order to be heard. They have been known to brainwash other’s to do their dirty work, now they are in America, preying on those that are weak, to brain wash them, to do their work, in order to to get at us.

                            We need to stand strong #bostonstrong, unite together against them, look them in the eye, to show them we will not be defeated. Our Officials here in Boston, whether Local, State, or Federal have shown this past week, may God bless each and every one of them. Our Officials showed such a force, that this evil Organization, should be shaking in their boots with fear and think twice before they try to attack America again.

                              This fight could be a long one, it may get ugly at times, but it is a fight we in this Society can win. Good will always prevail over Evil, but it will take each and every one of us, uniting together, showing our love of one another, stop all the hatred and bickering between us. The Boston Bruins proved this on two occaissions, when they let the fans take over in singing our National Anthem, that was so loud and proud. When we in this Society work together, show our love of one another and stand as one, there is NO force on this planet that will defeat us and Good will beat the Evil. 

                            This new term in our life, #bostonstrong, is not just for Bostonians, it is for all in this World within our Society. It means, stand strong as one, to love, share and protect one another within our Society. This protection was shown by our first responders, as they raced towards the blasts, to help others which were complete strangers and comforting all the Individuals, carrying them to the tents for medical attention, runners that ran even further, to get to the hospitals, just to give blood, this shows their is Good in this Society, we just have to keep this going everyday of our lives, to keep the Evil from hurting us again.

                             We the People of this Society, are a very diverse group, that when we show our true feelings and emotions, the Good just flows like water coming off the Mountain stream, that same diversity also brings out the evil doers, to form an Organization, that preys on the weak, brainwashes them, to do heinous acts against their fellow Man, kind of like a Bully in school, who puts fear in you as you walk the halls of your school, the best way to combat this is look them in the eye and put that same fear, back on them, then they will cowar away like the real cowards in which they are.

                             Stay strong to all in our Society, as we all unite, look into the eyes of this Evil, put the fear back at them, so they will cowar away and disappear forever, showing the true coward that they are. Life is full of ups and downs and is hard enough without having to worry about these types of Individuals, No matter what background you are from, what color your skin is, what religion you are, we are all Humans on this planet, Humans that were created by God, to love, to share and to protect one another, let’s unite and show God that he can be proud of us, by all the Good defeating, all the Evil.

                          #bostonstrong to all


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