The Boston Marathon

                            This is a big event that has been going on for Generations, Generations of Bostonians, the Commonwealth, New England, United States and the World. Whether you were a runner, or a bystander watching, the event was as beautiful, like watching a sunset on the beach. cheering each runner on, even if you didn’t know them, just to give them strength to carry on and finish, watching other’s around you as they to do the same, this is the true spirit of being a Human, a spirit that when unleashed, nothing can defeat us, no matter who or what may try, this true spirit will win out everytime. As a Runner in the Marathon, it wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about a feeling of accomplishment, just to say you finished the Boston Marathon, that is another spirit of Human life, that can never be taken away, when you look at the Boston Marathon, look at the true spirit of the Marathon, the unity, the bringing together of all walks of life, the determination, the drive, the commitment, when you think of all this, you will see that no matter what happens, we will never be defeated, by anyone or anything.

                              While I was in college, I was living in the heart of the city of Boston, I experienced the Marathon every year I was there, I would walk the streets of Boston along the marathon route, saw first hand, the compassion of all the people, strangers handing cups of water to the runner’s, people clapping for total stranger’s, just to make them feel good to keep running, so they can finnish the race, the Boston Marathon is a special event, that happens every year, which everybody should have the opportunity to experience.

                             In this Society with all the hatred out there, with all the “Emotionally Distraught” Individuals, we need now more then ever, to show the true spirit of the Boston Marathon, We need to show more Love, Compassion and Communication of one another, here in Boston we have a new slogan called, #bostonstrong, this in a nutshell is, us as Human Beings coming together as one, taking this negative and turning it to a positive, showing more love and compassion of one another, when we unite and pool our strengths, there is nothing or anyone, that can defeat us, The Healing process may be long, may get tough at times, but with the right support, we can get through this and be better and stronger then ever.

                            The true spirit of the Marathon is, us as Human Beings being in touch with our own true feelings and emotions, when we are in touch with our own true feelings and emotions, it is very easy to bring out the good in ourselves and within our Society, with this good comes, happiness and peace, two things in which this Society lacks, with this tradgedy of Boston, we showed that there is good out there, we need to hold on to those moments, in order to keep bringing the good, so one day all the evil, the hatred and the sadness will disappear, the good is there just waiting to be unleashed, the good will always win over the evil, just look at when Satan tempted Jesus, Jesus won that battle, as will the good in our Society, let’s unleash the good throughout Mankind, so we all can be happy and live in peace, not just in Boston, but all over this Planet that God created for us.


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