Tradgedies so close to home

                            In lew of what happened in our City of Boston this week, this event has touched many across the globe, I was born and raised in a Subburb just outside Boston, but always called Boston home, lived in the City for a short time while in college, Boston has grown and changed in many ways in my lifetime. True Bostonians are a special breed of character, People that in time of need, will drop everything to help each other, the true spirit of what God’s vision was of all Mankind, from the beginning.

                            I have complete confidence in our officials, whether local, state, or federal, that they will find the person/persons responsible for this heinous act. People at the finish line, who took pixs, that may mean nothing to them, may mean everything to our officials, so please share with them, so they can look at them, maybe in one of those pixs, the Bomber is shown with a large bag in hand? Let our officials determine this please. This is what will give us all closeur and what will help give us strength to move forward in our future’s.

                            Compassion, Communication, Reaching out to one another, are just a few qualities, that will help us all get over this, we all know somebody affected by this tragedy, as this hit us all so close to home, when we all unify and pull together, with these qualities, this is what makes us stronger, this is what will help in finding this cruel, distraught Individual. Our behaviors will show that you can’t defeat us and we will defeat you.

                              When dealing with any kind of Terrorist, is very much the same as dealing with a Bully, as we grew up in life. Their main goal is to inflict fear on us, to make themself feel powerful, when in reality all they are, is a Coward, that keeps to himself. When dealing with these Cowards, we need to stand up to them, look them in the eye, to put that same fear back into them, this will make them cowar away, like the Coward they are. Over time will show all these Individuals, that they can’t affect us anymore, of which all these senseless acts will disappear.

                             Boston is a very strong and Cultural City, this person/persons messed with the wrong City, as we Bostonians will unite, will be stronger and will defeat these kinds of Heinous acts, from ever hurting us again, this I am confident in.

                                   The hardest place to protect against these acts, are Marathons or events like this, as it is open to public the whole length of the marathon, so the public can cheer the runners, whether they know them or not, you can up the police presence to protect, but where you have such a huge area to cover, makes it very hard to fully protect. This is where the Vigilence of the Public come in, “if you see something, say something”, when you see something out of ordinary, no matter how stupid it may be, flag down an official and make them aware, this is the action that could stop such an event in the future.

                             We all encounter some sort of tragedies in our lives, some more revelant then others, but a tradgedy none the less, should not break us, they should make us stronger moving forward. We need to look beyond the event, look at the why, do this while showing love of one another, so we can turn a negative into a positive, this will help us in the healing process, which will help us grow with strength, then our future will be better then our past. We as Humans are very resilient, we learn from the past, so we can make the future better, then we can control our destinies, all the while showing love of one another, instead of bringing out the hatred, with love our strength is endless, with hatred, we become weak, of which we become something we are not.

                                     We Bostonians will overcome this tragedy with, love and strength, then the future of Boston will be better then ever. Boston Strong everyone, let’s show all this, so one day the World will be like Boston.


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