Having Doubt in one’s Life

                            While living our lives, we achieve many things on our Journey’s, we also try many things we do not achieve, which leads us to doubting ourselves, that makes us give up on. We then doubt ourselves and think we are not good enough, or what is wrong with me? Doubt is a strong feeling, that if we let it control us, it will do just that and lead us to a life of misery. We all need to learn that, if we don’t succeed the first time, never give up, always keep plugging and fighting, as one day we will succeed. Never let doubt enter into our minds, then we can control it, when we are in control, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

                           Sometimes we need proof to believe in what we do, that proof may not be visual to us, alot of times it comes in a way of a feeling, that warms our hearts and souls, we should never look for any proof, as our actions will bring the feelings that will warm our hearts and soul. This proof will not come to us and announce it’s presence, it just happens, as long as we believe in our higher power, then doubt will never control us, for we shall always be in control of our lives.

                             Doubt is just a word, that when we don’t believe in our higher power, it will control our minds with negative thoughts, it will make us become something in which we are not, it will make us give up instead of keep fighting for what we believe, then never become what we truely are, Doubt is just a word, as believing in our higher power, will truely warm our hearts and souls, to help us achieve anything we set our minds to, then our destiny will be that of greatness.

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