Getting back to Simplicity

                            Each one of us are brought into this world, by two loving Individuals, which protect, raise and support us as we grow up in life. These two loving Individuals are our Parents, a Father and a Mother. Our Parents also guide us to a journey that will lead us to a better life then they had. This is the way of Mankind, throughout history and throughout the evolution of Mankind. While we grow into Society and then enter Society on our own, we find a whole lot of cross roads, that tempt us everyday, some will carry on as they are, still other’s will be tempted and take that cross road, to find life not as good, then get caught up in things, they wish they never attempted. When we get to each cross road, it’s our guidence and support of our Parent’s, all our life experiences that help us to proceed through that cross road without temptation, but sometimes we get weakened in life and temptation gets the better of us, this is when we need to get back to our simpliced ways, so we can re-gain our strength, to move forward stronger.

                             In this world in which we live today, technology has changed our lives forever, with this technology it is supposed to make our lives easier, but the way we are using it we are making our lives much harder, instead of going to the bank and doing your transactions in person, we now do them online which opens us up to a slew of problems such as, identity theft from hacker’s, non personal contact of our computers, not being able to handle communication of each other within our Society, which makes a Society fail. These are just a few problems of our Society in which we live.

                            Sometimes in life we get knocked down, it is how we pick ourselves up that determines our destiny in life. With all this Technology we have, it is hard to go back to our simpliced ways, all these things like smartphones, computers etc… are just that nothing but material things, you think the Societies before all the technology, just laid down and died? No they found ways to succeed in their lives, which made them stronger, then helped their Society become stronger. Sometimes in our lives, we have to take a step back, in order to move forward stronger and better, getting back to our simpliced ways, is what determines our life’s journey and also the destiny of our Society.

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