Inside the Olympics

                            Every four years the Olympics put on a show for all to enjoy, every one of us in all the countries on this Planet Earth, get together to watch all the competition and listen to the true special stories of all the athletes that compete. The Olympics for a short time, bring us all together as one, it’s in between each of the Olympic times, that we need to change, bring out the true Olympic spirit everyday of our lives all over this Planet.

                             Each Athlete as they live in the Olympic village for a short time, not only compete against each other, they also Bond with each other during their down times, it is this bonding the rest of us need to change, in order to get rid of all the hate in this world. We as Humans are very similar, but are also so different, we are different in the way of our minds and attitudes, we all have problems, but it is the way we deal with them, that makes our Society so bitter with hatred, dealing with problems is like pulling weeds out of the lawn, if you don’t get all the roots, it grows back, much like dealing with our problems, if we don’t reach down deep and pull out all the roots, our problems keep haunting us. We also become lazy and get caught up in our own little comfortable zones, life is not easy for anybody, it is how we deal with it, that determines our destiny.

                              So as the true Olympic spirit hits us all every four years, let’s remember this feeling and bring it to our everyday lives, yes we can work together, no matter where we are on this earth, we just have to want to do it, reach down deep inside the soul of Mankind, grab all the roots of evil, then pull them totally out, once and for all, in order to bury all the hatred, so we all can live in peace and happiness, everyday of our lives.

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