When spring has Sprung

 With spring comes beauty and a feeling of re-birth,

 with spring the days become longer as we strive for energy,

with spring the flowers will bloom with new flowers and fresh fragerance,

 as spring comes into full bloom it makes us sneeze with allergy,

 with spring we feel rejoyced with energy as a season comes in cadence,

 with spring all around us we become alive again as we move forth.



                             Spring brings with it a feeling of renew, spring with the longer days brings warmth to our bodies and soul, as the snow melts and the sun shines, we have a feeling of excitement, to which we venture outside to view.

                              Winter is like gloom and darkness, as spring is like happy and light. With spring brings fresh flowers, for us to smell, it brings warmth to the air as it warms our soul, people are like the seasons, as they also breed different moods, some more so then others, but as we enjoy the spring together, let’s also renew our love in ourselves, as well as the love of others. Like true love is a feeling, to be felt, the season of spring is a feeling that should be felt by all.

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