The Heart beat of this Planet called Earth

 As we live our lives few of us can say we have heard this heartbeat,

 some of us can say the Earth truely lives freely as we walk apon it,

 each of us may live differently but we are all living on earth together,

 as we walk this earth we don’t take the time to enjoy and just sit,

 we live our lives on this Planet so beautiful but we can’t stay forever,

 as we walk this Earth we need to enjoy the Planet with our bare feet.



 A good way to enjoy the Planet’s heartbeat is to go camping,

 to sleep in a tent on the surface of the Planet is a genuine feel,

 as we lay in our sleeping bags with our ear to the ground,

 listening to the heartbeat of this great Planet without our wheels,

 as we lay there we have a feeling of relax like we didn’t weigh a pound,

 being in the outdoors on this Planet gives us a feeling of no tampering.



 We wake up in the morning listening to all the birds singing great tunes,

 we don’t want to get up as we are so relaxed and calm,

 we become so into our surrounding we forget society’s rat race,

 the country air in the morning has a cool feeling of balm,

 we go for a walk and watch the deer roam the field of great space,

 this Planet is full of beauty beneath our feet with an elogance of a Loon.


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