The Sun shines down on all

 When the Sun shines it brings warmth to this entire Earth,

 When the Sun shines it warms all our hearts with joy,

 When the Sun shines it’s God’s way of cleansing all of us,

 The sun is too hot to touch like a child with his toy,

 the sun lights up the Earth like headlights at night on a bus,

 As the sun shines down on us it fills us with warmth like during a birth.



 The sun is a huge ball of fire that warms our souls,

 The sun’s rays from the fire lights our way on our journey,

 The sun warms the beach sand as we walk along the shore,

 The sun shows all that we can see anything in our adversity,

 The sun is real the sun is hot the sun is huge and very pure,

 The sun is a solid mass of heat as it shows no holes.


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