Spring is in the air

                            Now that another Easter has come and gone, we all look forward to sunshine and beauty as far as the weather, let us not forget everyday of our lives, the true beauty we have inside us, this same beauty that can bring positivity to this negative Society in which we live. Just as God sent his one and only son to us and showed us all of this beauty in his love of us, Easter may happen once a year, but the true beauty and love of Easter happens within each of us, everyday of the year, throughout our lives we live.

                             A way for us in this Society to go from negativity, to positivity, is called change. when we change and unleash all of our inner beauty and love, we will find that the hatred will go away, hatred is the easy way out, as the beauty and love may take a little work on our part Individually, but the rewards are greatly more satisfying, with a Society of love  over a Society of hatred, you have more of a happy and peaceful Society.

                           When we learn to see the good in each other, instead of bringing out the negative of one another, this is what makes Society grow and become strong, so that what ever challenges it, will be defeated and keep us safe in what ever we do. When we truely believe in Jesus Christ, this is what keeps us in touch with our strengths and our true feelings and emotions, with these comes the confidence to achieve anything in which we do in our lives. Each on of us in this Society, control the destiny of a Society and when we work together in harmony, the destiny of our Society will be that of greatness, love, happiness and peacefulness.

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