Dealing with Terrorists

                            A good way to look at a Terrorist is, a school yard Bully. A Bully is a form of Terrorist, as he/she likes to inflict fear in there victims, they like our modern day Terrorist, are nothing more then a Coward. A Bully will Terrorize you by stalking, threatening or, beating you. A Terrorist is all that, except more devestating, A Bully and a Terrorist are very much alike, as they go about inflicting fear in all of us.

                             Combating Terrorism is much like combating a Bully, you stand up to them, look them in the eye and put that same fear right back at them. You will see them cowar away like the Coward they truely are, they may try new ways, or a different tatic, but if you stand your ground and stay confident, they will see we will not be defeated, of which they will slither away like a true Coward. The way we dealt with Bully’s growing up, along with our fore-fathers, will be all the aid we need in combating, the most fearsome of all Bully’s, which are the Terrorists.

                             Life is hard enough without having to deal with these Cowards, we as Human in this Society, just have to unite, stand as one and we will see these, “distraught Individuals” slither away like the true Coward in which they are.


Judgement Day

                            We in this Society are quick to Judge other’s, as this helps hides our own problems and our own true feelings and emotions.When we judge other’s all we are doing is diflecting our own situations, supressing all our feelings, then down the road, we become engulfed in situations, that overwhelm us, when we fix the problem as it happens, it is so much easier to fix. This Society has wronged us in that we judge before we think, God gave us a brain to think, we need to start excercising this process.

                            We in this Society judge other’s, for this makes us “look” strong and gives us more power over our fellow man, this also makes like all around us are weak, but in reality, those that judge are the weak ones, as they have a low self-worth, also have problems of their own in which they don’t want to address. The Judgeing of other’s is what creates all the hatred in this Society, just like God said, ” those who helps himself, will be stronger in helping other’s”, what he truely means is, when we fix our own problems, we then can help other’s overcome theirs.

                            In order to stop all the hatred, we need to stop all the judgeing of other’s, be more compassionate of other’s, show more love of each other, instead of surpressing our feelings and hiding our problems, address them first, as to not bring them into Society, life is hard enough without all of us creating more hatred and fighting with each other, let’s stop this negative judgeing of each other, be more positive of one another, so our Society will never see the Judgement Day.

Making choices in our lives

                            We all as Human Beings have made a variety of choices in our lives, choices are what makes us who we are, throughout the creation of Mankind. Some of these choices we make have not been good, as they hurt us and other’s around us, choices are a part of life, of which we need to learn from, when we choose to do something, we need to think through the process, before we actually act on that choice.

                            When we make a right choice, it makes us feel awesome, as our lives get better with happiness, we move on with the confidence and strength, with a feeling of we can achieve anything, we make choices everyday some good,some bad, it’s when we make that choice for all the right reasons, is when we feel good with the confidence to move on.

                            Our choices are a part of our lives and have been part of Mankind, since the beginning of Man, just like when Adam and Eve, made the choice to eat the forbidden fruit, they chose their Individualism over God, we in this Society have a similar choice to make today, we can choose love, or we can choose hatred? A choice is our freedom, but it is also something that will define who we are.

                            Love or Hatred? This choice should be thought thoroughly through, before we make a decision we will regret, not just for us, but for Generations to come, as we all in this Society make our choices, may we all think them through before we choose, as all Humanity may prosper or suffer and not just ourselves. A choice doesn’t have to define us, it should make us better, so we can live in happiness and peace, without hurting ourselves or other’s, while we live in a Society of happiness, peace and good.

Living our lives within this Society

                            We grow up as a child, to live within a Society, that is very unforgiving. When you are open and honest with yourself and all around you, you get labeled one thing,when you live a life of deception, you get labeled something else, this Society is all about labeling other’s in order to hide that we ourselves are not perfect and that we to have issues. Some of us are afraid of being labeled the wrong thing, so we tend to hide in plain sight, we become something or someone we are not, all to avoid the labeling.

                             This labeling of each other, is what’s killing the Humanity of our Society, we have become afraid of showing our true feelings and emotions, so we won’t get hurt by our own Society, You have other’s out there that, in order for them to hide who they are, they prey on other’s, to show they are strong and you are weak, instead of people confronting face to face, they then proceed to talk behind the backs of other’s, this to them is there way of hiding their problems, so the problems of other’s are highlighted, to see through this tactic only shows, that the person doing it, has a low feeling of self worth, it also is what brings out the hatred within our Society.

                            In order to change our Society for the better, we need to fix this tactic by calling it out for what it is, we also have to throw away the word “political correct”, as this word does nothing but create offending of other’s, we need to get back to our basics of Humanity, by loving ourselves first, then loving our neighbors and all those around us. God created this planet, for all of us to be equal, with no hatred and love of one another always, the hatred of this Society is happening all over this planet, there is no need of it, as we are all Humans, living on the same planet.

                           We Humans in this Society, are our own worst enemies, we are the smartest of all the creatures on this planet, yet we act so dumb, it’s time we bury all the hatred, start communicating better, bring out more of the love of each other, show more compassion of each other and just simply work as a team, in order to re-build this Society, better and stronger then it ever was.Until we do this, we are heading to a very dark period, of which is not going to be very pretty, we will all be afraid to walk out of our safe zones, for fear of someone shooting us dead, this is not what God wanted for us, he wanted us to live life happy  in freedom and peace, We all have issues in our lives, it’s time we deal with them and not bring them apon other’s in this Society,so we all can live in happiness and peace, within our Society.

Changes in our lives as we know it

                            This latest tradgedy is now in our past, it has changed many lives right before our eyes, there will be more changes coming by our Officials, in order to keep us safe from these tradgedies moving forward, change happens to each and every one of us, every day as we walk this planet, this is a way of life, change is good when done in the right way, but if you don’t understand what you are doing or how to go about it, change can be a difficult time in our lives.

                            While we are young and growing up in this Society, we encounter many events that shape us into who, or what we are. These events happen for a reason, it’s up to us as Individuals to find that reason, so we don’t let them shape us into something in which we are not, some of these events are mild, other’s are major and life changing, they may also affect our moods, as we shut down and don’t communicate with anybody, we tend to suppress our true feelings and emotions, in order for these events not to hurt us anymore, as we shut down we are really hurting ourself’s more then the actual event itself, these events happen for a reason, we need to find that reason, in order to move forward better and stronger then ever, not letting these events control us anymore and being in control with our lives, everyday we walk this Earth.

                           In the case of these two Individuals that brought this heinous act to the city of Boston, they to suffered a major event that shaped them into doing what they did, in order for us to understand what happened to them, we have to understand the event that happened to them, so we as Individuals can truely understand why this happened, our everyday lives are hard enough, without worrying about these “distraught Individuals”, but to learn about Human behavior and what event shaped them to do this heinous act, will help us to better understand the why? This will also give many of us closeur, as we change and rebuild our lives.

                              Change is a very big word, a word we all need to understand hole heartily, in order for all of us to live our lives as God wanted us to, as we live our lives, things happen that force us to change, we need to accept it willingly, sometimes we get influenced by other’s or other things, this is where communication and being confident in ourselves, will help us greatly, when we don’t understand something, we need talk to other’s so we can understand it, when we understand it we then can feel confident to change, to make ourselves better and stronger.

                           Change happens everyday, whether we see it or not, we need not be afraid of it, just embrace it so it won’t control us and when we do, change will help us be better and stronger then ever before. When each of us encounter these events, learn to understand them totally, communicate with other’s, so we can be confident in ourselves, as to make the necessary changes, to continue living our lives better and stronger and not have the feeling of spinning out of control, all while staying in touch with our true feelings and emotions and staying in control with ourselves.

The Media in our Society

                            All the different branches of the Media in our Society, have become part of the poblem, instead of the solution. When the Media first came into our lives, it was good as it kept us in tune, with all that is happening within our Society, whether it was local, or whether it was far away, when we see what’s happening far away, we then can take steps, from letting it happen close to us. Back in the day, when a family would sit around the radio, to hear the President of the United States speak, this would inform us what was going on within our Country, but more important, it was time our families spent  together and communicate with each other. This Communication is what we lack in our Society today, our families don’t sit around the dinner tables and chat about their days anymore, instead we are disconnected, go about life in our own Individual way, with no guidence from our Parent’s, the Parent’s don’t check up on their children and let them roam as they may, then when the child gets into trouble, the Parent replies by saying, ” my kids an angel”. It’s time we start communicating better and showing more true love of one another.

                              The Media of today, is all about the bottom line, by bottom line I mean money. They pay top dollar to those who are first with a story, which they tend to write the story without true facts, because they write it fast, so they can recieve the money, then they dwell on a story creating more drama and fear for the regular people of this Society. Instead of paying all the attention to the evil ones, why not pay attention to the victim’s, to help them heal their wounds, when you put the evil doer in the spotlight, all you are doing is tuning them into a rockstar. We need to bring out the victim’s more, listen to the special stories,which will give us the strength to move on, it will also bring out the love and show that through the good, the evil will be defeated.

                              The Media of today, is all wrong. They need to change their ways, in order for Society to grow and be strong, the Media should compliment Society and not work against it. Technology is a big reason of this as well, with technology the Media can spread the story faster, hence creating more drama and creating more fear for all in Society. When Media spreads info on tradgedies, they tend to focus on the person who created the tradgedy, this is wrong as it only turns them into a rockstar, which with this approach, now you create more “distraught Individuals”, that now want to one up the other one, so they to can become a rockstar in our Society.

                             Life for all of us, is hard enough without worrying about these Individual’s, we all have our problems, we don’t need to add to them by the Media, spreading around mis-information, or writing a story just to make a buck. Let’s unite together, show more of our true feelings and emotions, our love and compassion and helping of ourselves and our neighbor. This is what we need more of, to stop all the hatred in this World. Focus on all the good, even during the tradgedies, so we can heal and be stronger moving forward.

As we Heal from such Tradgedy in Boston

                            We in this Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the United States and the World, have encountered an attack on Humanity in our Society. An attack that was planned against innocent People, to mame, hurt and kill us, the question of why? is still to be determined, but we all know that the two responsible, along with the organization of which they believed in, are the true evil on this planet. This Organization is one of, such distortion, that they think their believes are right and everything else is wrong, their distortion has clouded them so, that they will do whatever they have to, in order to be heard. They have been known to brainwash other’s to do their dirty work, now they are in America, preying on those that are weak, to brain wash them, to do their work, in order to to get at us.

                            We need to stand strong #bostonstrong, unite together against them, look them in the eye, to show them we will not be defeated. Our Officials here in Boston, whether Local, State, or Federal have shown this past week, may God bless each and every one of them. Our Officials showed such a force, that this evil Organization, should be shaking in their boots with fear and think twice before they try to attack America again.

                              This fight could be a long one, it may get ugly at times, but it is a fight we in this Society can win. Good will always prevail over Evil, but it will take each and every one of us, uniting together, showing our love of one another, stop all the hatred and bickering between us. The Boston Bruins proved this on two occaissions, when they let the fans take over in singing our National Anthem, that was so loud and proud. When we in this Society work together, show our love of one another and stand as one, there is NO force on this planet that will defeat us and Good will beat the Evil. 

                            This new term in our life, #bostonstrong, is not just for Bostonians, it is for all in this World within our Society. It means, stand strong as one, to love, share and protect one another within our Society. This protection was shown by our first responders, as they raced towards the blasts, to help others which were complete strangers and comforting all the Individuals, carrying them to the tents for medical attention, runners that ran even further, to get to the hospitals, just to give blood, this shows their is Good in this Society, we just have to keep this going everyday of our lives, to keep the Evil from hurting us again.

                             We the People of this Society, are a very diverse group, that when we show our true feelings and emotions, the Good just flows like water coming off the Mountain stream, that same diversity also brings out the evil doers, to form an Organization, that preys on the weak, brainwashes them, to do heinous acts against their fellow Man, kind of like a Bully in school, who puts fear in you as you walk the halls of your school, the best way to combat this is look them in the eye and put that same fear, back on them, then they will cowar away like the real cowards in which they are.

                             Stay strong to all in our Society, as we all unite, look into the eyes of this Evil, put the fear back at them, so they will cowar away and disappear forever, showing the true coward that they are. Life is full of ups and downs and is hard enough without having to worry about these types of Individuals, No matter what background you are from, what color your skin is, what religion you are, we are all Humans on this planet, Humans that were created by God, to love, to share and to protect one another, let’s unite and show God that he can be proud of us, by all the Good defeating, all the Evil.

                          #bostonstrong to all


The Boston Marathon

                            This is a big event that has been going on for Generations, Generations of Bostonians, the Commonwealth, New England, United States and the World. Whether you were a runner, or a bystander watching, the event was as beautiful, like watching a sunset on the beach. cheering each runner on, even if you didn’t know them, just to give them strength to carry on and finish, watching other’s around you as they to do the same, this is the true spirit of being a Human, a spirit that when unleashed, nothing can defeat us, no matter who or what may try, this true spirit will win out everytime. As a Runner in the Marathon, it wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about a feeling of accomplishment, just to say you finished the Boston Marathon, that is another spirit of Human life, that can never be taken away, when you look at the Boston Marathon, look at the true spirit of the Marathon, the unity, the bringing together of all walks of life, the determination, the drive, the commitment, when you think of all this, you will see that no matter what happens, we will never be defeated, by anyone or anything.

                              While I was in college, I was living in the heart of the city of Boston, I experienced the Marathon every year I was there, I would walk the streets of Boston along the marathon route, saw first hand, the compassion of all the people, strangers handing cups of water to the runner’s, people clapping for total stranger’s, just to make them feel good to keep running, so they can finnish the race, the Boston Marathon is a special event, that happens every year, which everybody should have the opportunity to experience.

                             In this Society with all the hatred out there, with all the “Emotionally Distraught” Individuals, we need now more then ever, to show the true spirit of the Boston Marathon, We need to show more Love, Compassion and Communication of one another, here in Boston we have a new slogan called, #bostonstrong, this in a nutshell is, us as Human Beings coming together as one, taking this negative and turning it to a positive, showing more love and compassion of one another, when we unite and pool our strengths, there is nothing or anyone, that can defeat us, The Healing process may be long, may get tough at times, but with the right support, we can get through this and be better and stronger then ever.

                            The true spirit of the Marathon is, us as Human Beings being in touch with our own true feelings and emotions, when we are in touch with our own true feelings and emotions, it is very easy to bring out the good in ourselves and within our Society, with this good comes, happiness and peace, two things in which this Society lacks, with this tradgedy of Boston, we showed that there is good out there, we need to hold on to those moments, in order to keep bringing the good, so one day all the evil, the hatred and the sadness will disappear, the good is there just waiting to be unleashed, the good will always win over the evil, just look at when Satan tempted Jesus, Jesus won that battle, as will the good in our Society, let’s unleash the good throughout Mankind, so we all can be happy and live in peace, not just in Boston, but all over this Planet that God created for us.


Tradgedies so close to home

                            In lew of what happened in our City of Boston this week, this event has touched many across the globe, I was born and raised in a Subburb just outside Boston, but always called Boston home, lived in the City for a short time while in college, Boston has grown and changed in many ways in my lifetime. True Bostonians are a special breed of character, People that in time of need, will drop everything to help each other, the true spirit of what God’s vision was of all Mankind, from the beginning.

                            I have complete confidence in our officials, whether local, state, or federal, that they will find the person/persons responsible for this heinous act. People at the finish line, who took pixs, that may mean nothing to them, may mean everything to our officials, so please share with them, so they can look at them, maybe in one of those pixs, the Bomber is shown with a large bag in hand? Let our officials determine this please. This is what will give us all closeur and what will help give us strength to move forward in our future’s.

                            Compassion, Communication, Reaching out to one another, are just a few qualities, that will help us all get over this, we all know somebody affected by this tragedy, as this hit us all so close to home, when we all unify and pull together, with these qualities, this is what makes us stronger, this is what will help in finding this cruel, distraught Individual. Our behaviors will show that you can’t defeat us and we will defeat you.

                              When dealing with any kind of Terrorist, is very much the same as dealing with a Bully, as we grew up in life. Their main goal is to inflict fear on us, to make themself feel powerful, when in reality all they are, is a Coward, that keeps to himself. When dealing with these Cowards, we need to stand up to them, look them in the eye, to put that same fear back into them, this will make them cowar away, like the Coward they are. Over time will show all these Individuals, that they can’t affect us anymore, of which all these senseless acts will disappear.

                             Boston is a very strong and Cultural City, this person/persons messed with the wrong City, as we Bostonians will unite, will be stronger and will defeat these kinds of Heinous acts, from ever hurting us again, this I am confident in.

                                   The hardest place to protect against these acts, are Marathons or events like this, as it is open to public the whole length of the marathon, so the public can cheer the runners, whether they know them or not, you can up the police presence to protect, but where you have such a huge area to cover, makes it very hard to fully protect. This is where the Vigilence of the Public come in, “if you see something, say something”, when you see something out of ordinary, no matter how stupid it may be, flag down an official and make them aware, this is the action that could stop such an event in the future.

                             We all encounter some sort of tragedies in our lives, some more revelant then others, but a tradgedy none the less, should not break us, they should make us stronger moving forward. We need to look beyond the event, look at the why, do this while showing love of one another, so we can turn a negative into a positive, this will help us in the healing process, which will help us grow with strength, then our future will be better then our past. We as Humans are very resilient, we learn from the past, so we can make the future better, then we can control our destinies, all the while showing love of one another, instead of bringing out the hatred, with love our strength is endless, with hatred, we become weak, of which we become something we are not.

                                     We Bostonians will overcome this tragedy with, love and strength, then the future of Boston will be better then ever. Boston Strong everyone, let’s show all this, so one day the World will be like Boston.


Look into the Sunset

 Gaze into a Sunset with such beauty and vibrant color,

 Gaze into the Sunset and you will see the colors change,

 Gaze into a Sunset for relaxation and sense of calmness,

 Gaze into the Sunset to see the magic of this Earth,

 Gaze into the sunset and your soul will be full of valor.



 The Sunset is nature’s beauty going to bed for rest,

 The sunset shows us how rest will energize us for the next day,

 The Sunset brings the darkness as Sunrise brings the light,

 The Sunset tells the wildlife it’s time to rest for the night,

 The Sunset tells us the Humans the day is over time to relax,

 The Sunset is grandour of nature that will always be the best.