The True meaning of Easter

 Easter is the true feeling of love of one another,

Easter is not about a Bunny delivering baskets of candy,

Easter is of sacrifising of oneself for love of one another,

Easter’s meaning is one of sharing and uniting togetherness,

Easter’s love is a feeling that words can’t speak,

The sacrifice of our Easter was one of moving us further.



We celebrate Easter with our families to show our love of each other,

this love we have at Easter we need to bring to society everyday,

Love is a feeling we all have which words cannot say or speak,

Easter should remind us of this feeling as we carry out our days,

Love is very powerful like reaching the mountain top and sit on the peak,

Easter is all about showing true feelings and emotions by one for all,

Easter’s true feeling of love is one that should never be smothered.

2 thoughts on “The True meaning of Easter

  1. I like what you write and your morals and ethics are good. Sometimes i have problems commenting or liking your sites, but I see them, read them, and appreciate your point of view. I hope your having a great Easter weekend Steven. My very best to you and your family my friend.


    1. Thanks Paul, glad you enjoy my blogs, as maybe one day I can achieve success with this as well. You as well have a great easter weekend with your family, with a big thank you to your son for his service. Your Friend, Steve

      > Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 18:35:55 +0000 > To: >


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