Equality within our Society

                            As a Society grows and changes, each Individual within that Society has to grow and change with it. When you look at all Societies within America, starting when America was born, each generation of these Societies had alot of hardship and struggles, but as each Society grew and changed, all the Individuals within those Societies grew and changed with it, it isn’t easy, there is alot of pain and suffering that goes with it, but in the end, when each Individual does it right, the reward is very rewarding, as Society becomes full of happiness and strong with prosperity.

                              The Society we live today is an “all about me” Society. This is a Society that breeds alot of pain and suffering, to all Individuals within it, we have become a Society that depends on Government for guidence, this is a Society that perception of other’s around us clouds our judgment of each other, this is a Society that pushes our views and our ways on one another, we think that what I am or what I do, should be the law of the land, we are a Society in need of desperate change of each Individual within it.

                              Equality is being Human, we are all very equal in many ways, it’s us as Individuals that percieve the equality very differently, there is no right and wrong in percieving things, it’s when we percieve things that affect others around us, as our Society changes and grows through time, we as Individuals need to grow and change with it, that means stop this “all about me” Society, work together with other’s around us, stop the perception of me against the world and start percieving how to work with the world, in order to make the change better, so all Individuals can persevere and grow stronger, which will make this Society strong once again.

                              Change is no picnic, real change can come with some pain and suffering, real change can be the most exciting as well, we as Individuals have to really want the change, in order for it to work and for us to move forward to a better future. Change takes alot of work, for all Individuals who seek it, some may not cause they simply are lazy and don’t want to put in the effort, but the rewards of the work, makes us all feel better about ourselves, which we bring to Society and shows that yes with a little hard work, we in this Society can be truely succesful, live in happiness, be truely confident to show our true feelings and emotions without being percieved as being weak, then as we come out of an “all about me” Society, we can be a true team once again, to strive as the best Society, America has ever seen.

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