Your thoughts and your Actions

                            We in this Society have become “all about me”, we tend to react or take action, without thinking through completly the reaction of what we have done. We care nothing of how it affects other’s and care only of how it affects ourselves. With these actions we have totally lost all responsibility, trust and respect of one another. We show no common courtesy, as well as common sense of another. When you look at how Humans have evolved over time, yes we have become smarter, but we don’t show it by way of our actions toward one another, back in the day of our forefathers, they to had problems, but they dealt with them openly instead of surpressing them and bringing harm to one another, they showed love and respect of another and knew when they joined together, they could conquer anything. In today’s Society, we react without thinking, by deflecting our own problems and surpressing them, then poke fun at other’s, as to make themselves look like they are perfect. There is no perfect in anybody, even God made some mistakes, the difference between him and us now, is the simple fact of, we today don’t take responsibility for our actions. We don’t think ahead before we react. We think of ourselves first and not of other’s around us. We inflict harm on other’s, to hide our weakness.

                            God created this planet and us to live here, in peace and harmony. He did not create for us to be self centered and everything revolves around us, this was not his vision. We Humans in this Society are doing everything in which God didn’t want to happen, This Planet is truely a great creation and should be enjoyed everyday of our lives, instead of attacking each other, for our own gain. When a Society is to be truely great, we have to work together, just like a sports team does when they win a championship, it takes all envolved to be truely successful, “it’s not about me, it’s about we”.

                              Until we all think of our actions before we do, we will always have a Society full of harm. Whether that harm comes to ourselves, or whether it comes to those around us. We as Humans need to show more true feelings and emotions, stop hiding in plain sight, show more compassion for those around us, take more responsibility of our actions, think through the action before we take the action, Then and only then will we become a great Society, like those of Societies past.

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