As we walk along the beach

We find serenity as we walk along the beach,

the warm sand wrapping around our toes as we walk,

we look out to the horizon and have a sudden warmth over us,

we listen to the waves slap the shore line as it eases our soul,

the beach is of beauty as we walk with no fuss, 

for a moment our life’s problems disappear without a balk, 

we walk the beach and find a good comfort,

a comfort that puts us in good space and not in a fort, 

even though for a short time we feel relaxed,

we walk the beach and think life is just a peach.



The beach can unleash a mean fury during a storm,

the waves so big as they slam the sand,

the beauty has become a horror with a shake of the hand, 

then in a whim it stops and the sun comes out,

the beach we see is like life with happiness and some pout, 

it has it’s rough times every now and then,

then it smooths out to calm us within our den, 

as we walk the beach and live our lives,

to keep our serenity let’s stay within our form. .

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