As we walk this Earth in which we live

                             We are all born into this World, we all walk this planet on our own journies in our lives, some of us walk aimlessly without rhyme or reason, other’s walk it with passion and purpose, some may find that passion and reason for their exsistence, other’s will never find that as they walk just to exsist. Life to some is very easy, yet to other’s it is very hard, Life is truely what you make it, if you work hard at it, it will reward you greatly, if you just exsist and lazy about your life, it will show you that it can be very hard on you.

                            We all encounter some kind of event/events on our Journey of life, it is how we deal with these events, that help determine our lives we live, when we let these events control us, this is when life becomes very hard, when we control these events this is what makes our lives easier and our Journey in life more enjoyable.

                              This Planet in which we live, is full of hurdles and obstacles, pain and glory, it is how we handle these hurdles that determines our destiny. When we show our true feelings and emotions of ourselves, is when we can truely love and be loved of others around us. The one true love that is always there, no matter what our actions are, is the love of God himself, as he shows us constantly with his forgiveness, he challenges us daily, to see how we handle these challenges, when we fail he is always there to love and forgive us, when we are successful he then makes our lives a little easier, then gives us another challenge to complete, each one of these challenges, helps us grow and becomes stronger to live our lives better and our journies more enjoyable.

                               As we walk this planet called Earth, let us not be here to just exsist, let us be here to be happy, with ourselves and others we meet along our journey. When there is a planet of happiness, we will find that there is no room for hatred, as the hated disappears, happiness takes over, which makes all of our journies more enjoyable, All we have to do is, trust in God, trust in ourselves, everything else will come in time. The showing of our true feelings and emotions, not the hiding in plain sight, will help us overcome every challenge in which crosses our path, along our journey, as we walk this Earth in which we live, together.


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