Watching our favorite Sports Teams with emotion and passion

                             We like to watch our favorite teams in sports, cause it is a way for us to get out our feelings and emotions in a safe enviroment. This is all good, but it keeps us suppressing our true feelings and emotions, on topics that are more important and what keeps us strong in life, as we live our daily lives. As we grow from a young age, we encounter many events that shape us to who we are. Some of these events are minor, but some are major and they can control us if we let them.

                             When these events happen, we tend to suppress our true feelings and emotions, in order to protect ourselves, we also build these imaginary walls and lose sight of trust, as we don’t let anything or anyone in. This is all part of Human Nature, this is how we try to protect ourselves, we don’t think of the ramifications down the road, we just think of the now and being safe in our comfort zone, to keep other’s away, to minimize the pain.

                            We as Human Being’s are a very complex creature, as our minds act differently from person to person, even though you are born into a family, with brother’s/sister’s/a mother and a father, you all have the same gene’s, but yet you are very different, as it’s your mind, that varies from person to person. We all handle these events very differently, some move on with no worries, other’s supress their true feelings and emotions, to protect now, to minimize the pain, but then in the future that pain comes back, the more you suppress the more it hurts in the future.

                             While we supress our true feelings and emotions, we tend to point the finger or blame other’s and not except the responsibility, we lose trust in all that is around us and feel we are alone on our journey in life. Life is no picnic, no matter who you are in life, our minds can and will control us if we let it, but to let it is the easy way out, when we are in control of our minds, (it takes very hard work everyday of our lives), we then can control our destiny.

                              While we are watching our Sports Teams and showing our true feelings and emotions, just sit back and look inside yourself, see if those are true feelings and emotions, or are they just a way in which you portray yourself, to keep safe from any events, whether in the past or in the future. When we stay true to ourselves and work hard at it, not take the easy way out, the good will come as well as the trust in all around you.

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