The True Meaning of Love

                             The true meaning of this word called Love, is more then just a word, it is a very powerful feeling within each and every one of us. In today’s world we throw this word around like it is a piece of candy, when we like something we say we love it, when we friend someone on the social media sites, we say we love you, we have become to use this word in a way that, we are supressing our true feelings and replacing them with fake feelings, in which helps protect us from any harm, that may come our way. When we suppress our true feelings, we are only delaying our problems, to a later time, of which when they do surface they become much bigger then they really need to be.

                            When we look back at the turmoil this world was in before Jesus Christ was sent to us from our father God, proves that his Love for us the most greatest thing in the history of Mankind, it also shows how love is more then a word, it is the most powerful feeling within us, all we have to do is release it, have faith in it, believe in it, not supress it where we bring out this fake feeling of it, in the word only.

                             We all go through events in our lives, some events are bigger then other’s, as we encounter these events we put up these forcefields around us, surpress our true feelings and then hide in plain site, we create these fake feelings that we try to protect ourselves from future events. When we do this we are shutting ourselves from the rest of the world, not only losing site of our true feelings, but also losing site of another big word, that is TRUST of ourselves and other’s around us. When we lose this, we then are only exsisting on this planet and not living as God wanted us to.

                              Love is a very powerful feeling within each of us, that not only helps ourselves live in true happiness, but also helps those around us, to live in peace and true happiness as well. When God sent his only son to us, he did this out of true love for all of us, to help us change our ways for us to see the true meaning of this word, to also show us of how good the true feeling of the word makes us feel. so all the evil will go away.

                             Then as Jesus sacrificed himself for the good of all Mankind, he did this to show us all, how powerful the true meaning and the feeling of the word Love. Jesus truely Loved us deeply, as he and God will always forgive us, no matter what.

                               We in this Society have lost site of this feeling, no matter what the event, that has created us to suppress these true feelings, we need to remmember that there are people around us and God himself, will always be there to forgive us, give us strength, to help us on our journey of digging down deep and unleashing our true feelings and emotions, so we can once again feel the true feeling and the true power of the word Love. As we do this, we do this with faith, as we also unleash the word trust back into our lives, so we can be free and happy with ourselves and other’s around us. When we do this, it will show God we did get his message and he then will take care of all the evil around us and the world.

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