As we live our lives on this Planet called Earth

                               As each of us walk this Earth, live our own lives, we tend to forget that there are other’s around us doing the same. We tend to think we are the only ones with problems or issues, or even worse we don’t ackowlege our short comings. We tend to blame other’s or point the finger elsewhere, to diflect the reality of life away from us. There are yet other’s that have no feelings of guilt, as they hurt other’s around them, in order to live their own lives and just skate through with no worries.

                              The power of our feelings and emotions, that are inside all of us, affect us all in many ways, it’s when we are true to ourselves that this power reveals itself to us, keeps us focused and strong as we live our lives. When we don’t acknowledge these feelings and emotions, we open ourselves up to alot of crap in our lives, which we then surpress them away in order to temporarilly fix them, but it is only temporary and the problems keep coming back, then we try to play the blame game, to diflect them to other’s, which only ends up hurting us further, we need to trust our true feelings and emotions, face our life problems head on, even though it may be hard to be truely honest with ourselves, but the long haul is true happiness as we live our lives.

                             As we walk the streets of life, we need to keep our true feelings and emotions close, remember that everybody has their own problems, we all deal with them differently, never push your problems onto someone else, accept them, face them, by being true and honest with yourself, develop a network around you of trust, that will support you and you of them, when we all do this we will see not just our lives change, but the lives of all that walk the streets of this Earth change and more hapiness will be shared by all.

                              Life is what you make it, if you surpress your true feelings and emotions and are not honest with yourself, then it is very hard to trust and be honest with all those around you, this is a recipe of failure which makes life very difficult everyday of our lives. We don’t have to live like this, all we need to do every waking day is, be willing to put the work in, be true to our real feelings and emotions, be completly honest with ourselves and God will be there with our change. This change will be much happiness, the rest of your days on this planet called Earth.

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