Life is a constent struggle

                              Each and every one of us, are born into this World, by two loving Individuals, that nourish, love and protect us as we grow up and enter Society, then they still show their love, by supporting us in all that we do. As we grow up and are guided on the right path, we all experience events that shape us into who we are, some may only encounter 1 or 2 events, other’s may encounter many events, these events could be a variety of issues, with some being minor and other’s being major. It is these events that if we let them, they will control us in many ways, they can rob us of all our good qualities and replace them with negative qualities, which causes us to become something that we are not. When we get robbed of our good qualities, we find it hard to show our true feeling and emotions, we then grow into Society living a fake Identity, with no real feelings or emotions. We then go through life hiding in plain sight, with trust issues that we supress deep inside us. Some of us through life discover this fake identity, then spend time to make it right, this takes time and energy on our part, but it is time and energy well spent, for us to live in true happiness, other’s though may never find out or are to lazy to put the time and energy in, which they go on through life hiding in plain sight. Life is a constent struggle for all of us Human Beings that walk this planet, with constant change, many events that are tossed in our paths, dealing with many issues whether personal or business related, that it is very easy to get off track and lose sight, but if we stay focused, stay true to our real feelings and emotions without surpressing them, we don’t have to hide in plain sight anymore and be who we really are and live our lives in happiness everyday we are here on this planet.

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