True Feelings in our lives

                             We as Human Beings, do we really know what our real and true feelings are? Sometimes we get caught up in our Society just to exsist and keep up with everyone else, We tend to follow the paths of others because it worked for them, while we are exsisting in this Society, we tend to forget or get in touch with our own true feelings, instead we develop what we think they are, but in reality they are just a fake copy of them. When we grow in Society and live our lives, we encounter several events that shape us into what we are, with some these events are very minor, with other’s these events are so powerful that we tend to develop into something we are not, we lose sight of who we really are, surpress our true feelings and take on a feeling that is not really us. This Society we live today, can be very cruel, we say we work very hard at our jobs, so we can be successful within Society, but we also have to work very hard daily in our lives, so we can connect with our true feelings and not the fake one we portray. Instead of following the paths of other’s, cause that path worked for them, we need to blaze our own path, so we can get in touch with our true feelings and who we really are. Human Beings are very unique, the most sophisticated of all the creatures to walk this planet, but yet in some ways are the dumbest. In order for us to get in touch with our true feelings, we need to blaze our own path, take the big risk of “change”, living our lives for us and not for other’s and when those events try to change us into somthing we are not, we need to face them head on and not let them control us. Our true feelings within each of us, are what defines us and molds us, in our lives as we bring our true self into Society. To really be in touch with your true feelings throughout your life, takes alot of hard work every day of our lives as we walk the face of this Earth, but when we stay in touch with our true feelings, makes living our lives so much better, with alot more happiness.

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