Being Complacent in one’s life

                              When we are complacent, it is another way of saying, we are in our comfort zone, where we feel safe from all harm and challenges we may encounter. Some of us become complacent cause we truely are happy with our lives and become satisfied with just moving forward as we are. Yet other’s get stuck in a so called comfort zone, cause we are afraid to change, as change is an unknown and we are afraid of the unknown, change can be good if you do it in the right way, for all the right reasons. Sometimes our problems become so big, that we get stuck in a comfort zone, cause we are afraid to make drastic changes to our lives, even though we know change is needed, we stay stuck in order to keep our problems manageable and not bigger then they already are. Kind of like being an Entrepreneur, they take risks everyday in order to be successful in their careers, we need to take the same risks, in order to change our lives, so we can get out of our comfort zones and minimize our problems, so we can live our lives much happier then we are. To do this we not only need to except the change, we need to stay vigalent of our everyday actions, in order to stay on top of ourselves and our enviroment. Will this be hard? yes very much so, it will take hard work on our part, but the long term goal for the future, will be so rewarding, that it will keep us focused to achieve that goal. Complacency should never be satisfying, as it just leads to more compounded problems, it’s our actions and vigalence of our lives that will matter most, as we except change and move forward toward happiness in our lives.

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