As we enter into Holy Week

                            Let us all take a moment to pray for our new elected Pope Francis, may he lead us on our new journey, as he shows us how to renew our faith in the church and our Lord God Jesus Christ. Pope Francis is a very humble man, with a simplistic character, he has done great work with the poor in his country, may he continue this work now with the entire world.

                   During this Holy week, let us reflect on how our Society was and how our Society is now, we have become a Society full of hatred, selfishness, all about me and close minded. This was never God’s vision when he created us, but over time we have ventured further from him, with a sense that we can do better then him. Kind of like a child growing up in a family, when one day he starts to distance himself/herself from their families, thinking that they know it all and my family doesn’t have a clue of what I want or want to do, in reality it’s the Individual that steps away from their family, that is not only lost within themselves, but they have lost faith in their family, which goes hand in hand with losing faith in the church and our Lord God. This Society today breeds this, as we only are truely thinking of ourselves, we think our friends know better then our families, but will they really truely be there when you fall and pick you up? God and our Families will always be there, no matter how hard we fall, they will always forgive us and help us get back on track, In this Society we tend to think, we are always right and it’s everybody else that is wrong, this is part of excepting responsibility for our actions, this Society we don’t do enough of this, as we will point the finger to other’s, to deflect the truth. We in this Society show to much hatred toward each other, to deflect our own problems, like they are not even there, until we show more love of one another, the problems of ourselves and other’s will never go away, only they will grow til one day they erupt to a point of explosion. When we show more love and compassion of each other, this and only this will bring peace to the world. God created us, not to be hateful, not to be all about me, not to be selfish and also close minded, but he created us out of love, just like our Parents concieved each and every one of us, we need to prove to them that the love is inside us, as we show the world of that love. The Society that God envisioned for us, was one of love and peace and happiness, with all Mankind looking out for one another and not attacking one another. As we enter into this Holy Week, let us all practice this, so we can then carry it every day of the year forever. Let us show God that what he envisioned, still burns in each of us, as we move forward in love, happiness and togetherness.

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