What makes Human Beings so unique

                                          We as Human’s are the most sophisticated, smartest, adaptable and complicated of all the Beings that, walk, live and breathe on the face of this planet. We may be of different sex, race, religion etc… But we are all the same, in that we have brains, eyes, ears, mouths etc… Our minds and our thought process is what makes us unique, how we percieve things are different, as you can take 3 Individuals, give them the same problem and you will get in return 3 different answers. The way we handle life’s situations that come to us, we all percieve them differently, some may handle them with ease and not bother them, while other’s struggle with them and is very difficult to achieve that balence. We take the same rules and percieve them to fit our own needs, which we end up translating them very differently, we carry ourselves in a way that is comfortable for us, but may not be comfortable for other’s, then rationalize it that this is me and I don’t care for the other’s, as a Human Being and living our lives, is no easy chore, we have to evolve, grow and learn daily, as life in general changes constently, we change as well as all other living beings on this planet. We have to be able to adapt and change with it, or we will struggle with our exsistence on this planet, or even worse we will be left behind, then struggle even worse in order to catch up. We as Human Beings are so similar, but yet so different, which is what makes us as Human Beings so Unique. When God created man, he knew it would be the greatest challenge for him, but he did it anyways in order for himself to have a feeling of accomplishment, as he watched us grow and adapt in our Society, right now with all the hatred and how we are with each other, God may not be happy with us, but he is very forgiving toward us, as he wants us to succeed, so a good way to show our appreciation of him, is to show more love of each other, grow and adapt as he envisioned we would, which will bring peace to all everywhere on this planet. We as Humans may be very complex, different and similar in many ways, but we are all very unique in our own way.

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