As a Pope is chosen

                            This is a process that has been in place since God put together this planet called Earth. Once the Cardinals are locked in, there is absolutly no one, that will ever know how the Pope is elected to lead, except the Lord God himself. This whole process is one of the most sacred things, we as Humans will ever witness, as our time here on Earth continues. It is our belief in God and our faith in the church, that guides us in everything we do, without this belief and faith we are nothing, we are just a warm body with no soul, that serves no true purpose here on Earth. It is Human Nature for us to want to know what goes on behind those locked doors, but if God wanted us to know he would have them unlocked, as he chooses each and every one of those Cardinals and trusts all of them to act on his behalf on this planet Earth. With our belief and faith in God and the church, also comes a being called the “higher power”, which is inside each and every one of us. This Higher Power is God’s way of leading each and every one of us, everyday as  we walk this planet. God does something very unique with this Higher Power, he leaves it up to us as an Individual, to unlock this. when we do unlock it, then success and greatness will determine our destiny. Those of us that leave it locked inside us, will just walk this Earth with no rhyme or reason, they are also the ones that try to harm other’s, murder other’s and show no remorce, try to control other’s for their own benefits. With all this Evil on this planet, God stays forgiving to all, sends us messages in order for all of us to unlock the higher power within us, for we are his children and he tries to teach us daily, he gives us slack, then tightens the reigns, but no matter what we do, he will always be there to forgive us and guide us. All we have to do is, have the belief and faith in the church and God himself, unlock that “higher power” and he will guide us to the path of “divine mercy” and “eternity”. As much as we want to learn of what goes on inside those locked doors, what we truely need to do is, unlock our own “higher power”, then the answer will come over time, as we have the faith and belief in God and the church, so for now we can just sit back and watch the greatest and most sacred event we will ever see, as long as we walk this planet called Earth.  

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